Get a Little Herbal Education in Your Kitchen

Chive photo by Two Frog, Columbia Falls MT.
Chive photo by Two Frog, Columbia Falls MT.

Growing fresh herbs is becoming more popular, as is learning survivalist-type skills for gleaning food from nature. A new online training option gives people across the US insights into preparing herbs and weeds for consumption.

A Montana expert wants cooks to know how to get the most from herbs. For five weeks, a special online herb-oriented class is delivering lessons on preparing, using, and cooking with various herbs and ordinary weeds. Without leaving home — or while sitting in the garden — class participants can learn to make beverages, meals, and desserts.

The online class, Get Creative with Herbal Cookery, covers much more than herbal tea and cooking seasonings. Whether you grow herbs or gather edible weeds, there will be tips for proper use.  The herbal cookery e-course instructs students in the basics of harvesting herbs and food making. Recipes using herbs and weeds may be tried. Money-saving tips cover using homegrown herbs and weed harvesting. Students are given access to printable planners, labels, and other tools to help them moving forward.

The e-course begins September 19, 2016, and runs for five weeks. Lessons are provided on Mondays.

Covered topics include:

  • Preservation Basics — In this first lesson, we’ll cover harvesting herbs as well as preservation methods for storage and winter cooking.
  • Infusions — During week 2, we’ll start infusing herbs into vinegar, honey, salt, and more for creative culinary cooking later.
  • Drinks — We’ll go beyond just basic herbal tea in week 3 and talk about smoothies, hot chocolate, and much more.
  • Savory Dishes — Bring those herbs into main and side dishes by allowing them to be merely a hint in or the star of savory dishes in week 4.
  • Desserts — Herbs can be so much more than sauce seasoning, in week 5 we’ll use them in dessert dishes from simple to elegant.

Registration is open now. Lessons are $37 per person for the full five weeks, plus access to a private class forum where they may ask questions or share.

To register or find out more, go to the e-course website or visit this Facebook page.

Homespun Seasonal Living also teaches live classes in Northwest Montana as a production of Two Frog, Columbia Falls MT.

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