The Strange-ness: Dutch Enlist Eagles to Fight Drone Terrorism

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area newspaper --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area newspaper --

The Guard From Above organization, based in The Netherlands, is working with the country’s Ministry of Security and Justice to protect their skies from hostile drones by sending eagles — large birds of prey — to bring down the drones.

Video at shows the eagles approaching and taking down the drones. Their scaly talons protect them from the propellers, though Guard From Above is looking into possible protective gear to further keep the eagles from injury.

Just like an eagle can bring a bird out of the sky, or grasp a fish from the water, these specially-trained eagles can stop a drone in mid air and return it to the ground. In the videos, they seem to stay on top of the drones as they would any prey.

To watch available eagle vs. drone videos, visit the Guard from Above website, or The Netherlands’ articles online including