The Strange-Ness: Knightdale UFO Sighting Reported

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area newspaper --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area newspaper --

According to a recent report in the Mutual UFO Network’s reporting database at, a UFO was sighted in Knightdale on two consecutive nights in August 2015.

August 18, a triangular flying object with pulsing lights was seen by a Knightdale resident who awoke in the middle of the night. The object was stationary in the sky, then dropped rapidly and went out of sight.

The next evening, the resident was again awaken and saw the object outside. This time, the UFO was closer.

According to the report, “I was terrified; however, the next thing I remember was it was morning. Since these sightings I have been physically sick.”

Since August 19, the object has not been reported again.

If you have any information on a flying object you cannot identify in Knightdale — or anywhere in Eastern NC — be sure to report it on, and let us know about your experience.