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FIRST Robotics Team 2655, The Flying Platypi represented North Carolina at the Buckeye Regionals FIRST Robotics Competition. Credits: William T. Dedula, NASA. Student-Built Robots Compete in Robotics Competition (3/24/2017) - By Jeannette Owens (NASA Glenn Research Center), Katherine Brown (NASA HQ), and William Jeffs (Johnson Space Center) Over 1,500 high school students from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia will compete in the 16th [...]
MuckFest MS Crash Landing obstacle in Detroit MI, Source: Event 360. FUN Mud Run to End MS Coming to Charlotte NC, Cities Nationwide (3/21/2017) - MuckFest® MS Ready to Muddy Up 12 Cities — The FUN Mud Run to End MS By Calvin Fleming, for Event 360 The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Event 360 are proud to announce [...]
Marketside pizza label released with USDA FSIS recall. Pizzas, Burritos Recalled Due to Contaminants (3/17/2017) - Two separate recalls this week affect processed foods with potential contamination. The first, included below, is for frozen pizza with potential Listeria contamination. The second, at the end, is for frozen burritos with potential hard [...]
Budget screenshot showing the "America First" and MAGA slogans adopted by this administration. UCS Says “Skinny Budget” Disregards Science, Placing Communities at Risk (3/16/2017) - By Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) President Trump released his proposed “skinny budget” on March 16, 2017. Below is a statement by Ken Kimmell, president of UCS. Kimmell is also the former commissioner of the [...]
Black Footed Ferrett photo by USFWS J. Michael Lockhart. Source: Taxpayer-funded Wildlife Services Killing Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, & Other Animals (3/14/2017) - 2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016 By Center for Biological Diversity The highly-secretive arm of the US Department of Agriculture known as Wildlife Services killed more than 2.7 million animals during 2016, [...]
11 National Organizations Come Together Against Hate, Track Incidents (3/14/2017) - Organizations Join Forces to Collect Data on Hate Incidents and Provide Services to Impacted Communities Across The United States By Shin Inouye, On March 13, 2017, The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Lawyers’ [...]
Home Fire Campaign in Fayetteville, North Carolina 2016 Turn and Test Smoke Alarms for Daylight Saving Time (3/9/2017) - Red Cross and Partners Have Saved Nearly 200 Lives by Installing 702,000 Smoke Alarms Across The Country Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am this Sunday, March 12, 2017. This is the best opportunity for the American [...]
Evanger's pet food image from expanded US FDA recall. Pet Food Recalled for Euthanasia Drug Contamination (Updated) (3/4/2017) - *Updated with expanded recall March 3, 2017.* Evanger’s Pet Food and Against the Grain Voluntarily Recalls Additional Products Out of Abundance of Caution due to Potential Adulteration with Pentobarbital Out of an abundance of caution, [...]
One of the assorted cheese products affected by February 2017 recall. Cheese Spread, Slices, and Shreds Recalled for Listeria (3/3/2017) - Since February 1, 2017, multiple cheese recalls cautioned customers on possible Listeria contamination. These included a popular pimento spread, deli sliced cheese, and shredded cheese. As of February 11, multiple brands were affected by this [...]
Job Gap report may be read online at Source: People’s Action Institute. Heavy Competition for US Jobs that Pay Enough to Live On (3/1/2017) - By Kathy Mulady, On February 28, 2017, People’s Action Institute released a report that details the dire need for jobs that pay a living wage, and for public investment in communities that are most [...]
One of the apple sauce labels released with the Manzana Products Co. / US FDA recall notice. Three Trader Joe’s Apple Sauce Varieties Recalled for Glass Bits (2/27/2017) - Manzana Products Co., Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Apple Sauces Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material By Michael Calvo, Manzana Products Co On February 25, 2017, Manzana Products Co., Inc. issued a voluntarily recall for three [...]
A photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, took this photograph of Shadow in his VA enclosure in 2016. Shadow is in the center, front, in the sun patch. While Many Cheer Animal Rescues, One SPCA Holds On To A Big Cat (2/25/2017) - **UPDATE: Shadow the leopard passed away at the Virginia SPCA on February 23, 2017. Our original article from February 9 is included below.** ______________________________________   Despite the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) focus on [...]
Mechanical technician Dan Pitts prepares a nine percent scale model of Lockheed Martin’s Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) X-plane preliminary design for its first high-speed wind tunnel tests at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Credits: NASA NASA Wind Tunnel Tests Lockheed Martin’s X-Plane Design for a Quieter Supersonic Jet (2/24/2017) - By J.D. Harrington (NASA HQ), Jan Wittry (Glenn Research Center), and Erica Turner (Lockheed Martin Communications) Supersonic passenger airplanes are another step closer to reality as NASA and Lockheed Martin begin the first high-speed wind tunnel [...]
Credit: © Richard Bluecloud Castaneda / Greenpeace. Greenpeace Responds to Forced Removal of Water Protectors (2/23/2017) - By Cassady Craighill, Greenpeace In solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock who are scheduled to be forcibly removed by the Trump administration at 2pm local time on February 22, 2017, Greenpeace USA Climate [...]
The US Bureau of Reclamation estimates annual natural upper Colorado River flow based on data recorded from streamgages at Lees Ferry. At that location, Colorado River streamflow reflects water that has drained from the upper basin, which includes Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Credit: US Geological Survey. Colorado River Flows will Keep Shrinking as Climate Warms (2/20/2017) - By Lauren Lipuma (American Geophysical Union), Mari N. Jensen (University of Arizona), and Jim Beers (Colorado State University) Warming in the 21st century reduced Colorado River flows by at least 0.5 million acre-feet, about the amount [...]
The Georgia Institute of Technology awarded the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage to former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter February 17, 2017. Source: Georgia Institute of Technology. Prize for Social Courage Awarded to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter (2/20/2017) - Georgia Tech Awards Ivan Allen Jr. Prize to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter By Lance Wallace, On February 17, 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology President G.P. “Bud” Peterson awarded the 2017 Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for [...]
Environment America logo. Campaign Launched to Repower Colleges/Universities with 100% Renewable Energy (2/14/2017) - By Bronte Payne, Environment America Research and Policy Center On February 14, 2017, Environment America and the Student Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) launched a campaign to secure commitments from American colleges and universities to shift to [...]
Union of Concerned Scientists logo. California’s Oroville Dam Crisis Illustrates Need to Plan for More Extreme Weather (2/13/2017) - By Elliott Negin, Union of Concerned Scientists Flooding risks around Northern California’s Lake Oroville reservoir that forced mass evacuations of people living below the nation’s tallest dam in recent days are demonstrating that future infrastructure [...]
Aaron Curtis, a post-doctoral scholar at JPL, measures gases inside an ice cave. Carbon dioxide levels can be especially high inside the caves, so gas monitors are necessary for safety. Image: Dylan Taylor. JPL Tests Robotics in Ice Caves Near Active Volcano (2/13/2017) - Descent into a Frozen Underworld By Andrew Good, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mt. Erebus is at the end of our world — and offers a portal to another. It’s our planet’s southernmost active volcano, reaching 12,448 [...]
Youth First poll map. Source: Lincoln Mondy, BerlinRosen. Majority of Americans Favor Keeping Youth Out of Prisons (2/13/2017) - New Poll Shows Strong Support for Community-Based Alternatives to Incarceration to Rehabilitate Youth By Lincoln Mondy, Berlin Rosen A new poll released February 13, 2017, by Youth First shows that 78 percent of Americans favor keeping young [...]
Recovery operations are underway at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans where a tornado touched down on February 7, 2017. Emergency personnel have secured the perimeter including repairing fences and are continuing to assess damage to buildings and structures. Credits: NASA/Jude Guidry. NASA Michoud Assembly Facility Recovering from Tornado (2/9/2017) - By Stephanie Schierholz (NASA HQ) and Kim Newton (Marshall Space Flight Center) Teams at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans worked overnight and are continuing Wednesday with assessment and recovery efforts following a tornado strike at [...]
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Standing Rock Denounces Army Easement Announcement, Vows Court Challenge (2/8/2017) - By Chelsea Hawkins and Sue Evans, Pyramid Communications The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on February 7, 2017, in a statement issued from Cannon Ball, North Dakota, said it is undaunted in its commitment to challenge an easement announcement [...]
Source: US Census Bureau. US Census Bureau Releases Super Bowl Facts (2/3/2017) - As part of its series, Profile America Facts for Features, The US Census Bureau has released facts and statistics relating to the upcoming Super Bowl LI — Super Bowl “51” is scheduled for February 5, 2017, at [...]
Source: Center for Biological Diversity, Tucson, Arizona. Chaffetz Withdraws Bill to Sell America’s Public Lands after Public Outcry (2/2/2017) - By Randi Spivak, After massive public outcry, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) announced late Wednesday night via Instagram that he was withdrawing his bill to sell “excess” public lands. The bill, HR 621, would have required the [...]
Scholastic to Publish Activism Book by 12-Year-Old Marley Dias (#1000BlackGirlBooks Founder) In Spring 2018. Source: Scholastic Corp. Scholastic To Publish Activism Book By 12-Year-Old Marley Dias (2/2/2017) - By Tracy van Straaten and Lauren Donovan, Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, has acquired world rights to an activism book written by Marley Dias, the 12 year-old social activist behind [...]
Yemen Raid Killed Scores of Civilians (2/2/2017) - An attack on a village in Yemen ordered by President Trump on Sunday, January 29, 2017, caused the death of a newborn baby, alongside as many as 23 civilians, human rights organization Reprieve has discovered. [...]
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Standing Rock will Challenge Any Suspension of Pipeline’s Environmental Review (1/31/2017) - By Chelsea Hawkins and Sue Evans, Pyramid Comm. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will vigorously pursue legal action to ensure the environmental impact statement (EIS) order issued late last year is followed so the pipeline process is legal, [...]
Farm Aid 2014 press conference. Photo: Frank Whatley Farm Aid New Project Reaches Across Rural-Urban Divide (1/31/2017) - By Kay Whatley, Editor Farm Aid may be famous for their concerts, but the concerts are fundraisers for their year round work. For over 30 years, Farm Aid has been working for family farms and [...]