Corporate information about Above And Beyond Learning Corp. and its publications, including The Grey Area™ News. The Grey Area™ news site and newspaper, in all its Editions, are published by Above And Beyond Learning Corp. The daily-update news site began as a twice-monthly free newspaper, and has expanded to cover news from Eastern North Carolina to other states to space, covering regular news and events alongside ET/paranormal/unusual topics. We’re not your ordinary news! It is a publication of Above And Beyond Learning Corp. Online our “local and national unusual news” is available without subscription or registration. All content is copyright Above And Beyond Learning Corp. and may not be used, in whole or in part, without written permission.  Reach readers of the The Grey Area News by advertising your business.

Above And Beyond Learning’s local-focus includes membership in several area chambers / business associations.  Sponsorship of local events has included Expos, the Spring Hope National Pumpkin Festival, the International Food and Music Festival, and Zebulon Next.