Carmike 10-Wilson: Movie Review of the Issue

By Frank Whatley, Sales Manager

In keeping with the theme of Halloween, this issue’s movie review is Carrie — a 2013 remake of the 1976 horror classic.

Usually the review is done by me, my wife, and my two children; but, with the hustle-and-bustle of October deadlines, Spirit week, homecoming, and band concerts, I found myself in the position of having to do the review by myself.

I chose Carrie because I’m a huge Stephen King fan. So, here goes the first review done by… the Wattman.

The movie stays along the same line as the 1976 movie, but with a few twists. Carrie White, a shy teenager (played by Chloë Grace Moretz), is like a fish out of water, raised by Margaret White (played by Julianne Moore — who by the way plays a great crazy lady).

Carrie is raised in a deeply religious home, which makes her an outcast. That, coupled with the fact that Carrie has an amazing telekinetic power makes for some interesting watching.

Updated with all the latest internet and cell phone technologies of today, this Carrie “2.0” was a fun film to watch. Filled with cyber bullying, new special-effects make the film worth watching. I give the film 3 Wattman stars. It is a great movie to watch for the Halloween season.

Issue date: Oct 25–Nov 7, 2013

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