MoonShadow Film Society Announces Screening of “Earthcaster”

The "Earthcaster" film screening is December 6 2016 in Fayetteville NC. Source: GroundSwell Pictures.
The "Earthcaster" film screening is December 6 2016 in Fayetteville NC. Source: GroundSwell Pictures.

By Pat Wright, GroundSwell Pictures, Inc.

Earthcaster, a new documentary that profiles Raleigh-based artist Thomas Sayre and his natural, massive earthen sculptures, will be screened on December 6, 2016, at 7pm.

The screening will be held at the Cameo Art House Theatre, located at 225 Hay Street in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Thomas Sayre, the internationally known sculptor and designer, is responsible for several public art projects across North Carolina — most notably Gyre, the three rings in the NC Museum of Art park in Raleigh NC. The film also features many other works — including  Across The Grain in Lenoir NC (covered in this article).

Producer Donna Campbell of Minnow Media says it was the Lenoir work that triggered their interest in Sayre’s work.

“He really wanted to create a piece that meant something to that town. And he listened to what the community had to say—about their history, about their culture. The result is a phenomenal representation of the furniture industry that drove that community for generations.

“And the experience of that sculpture was much more than casting concrete pieces. On the morning he started the digging, half the town came out at dawn to watch. The hospital set up a webcam for patients to see the progress. And when it came time to lift the sculptures, they let school out and hundreds of children watched on bleachers. This is public art.”

Earthcaster follows Sayre and his crew as they build new sculptures in Portland, OR, and Baltimore, MD. The producers also visit the western NC home Sayre built from recycled materials after college. They also accompany him to Washington, DC, and the Washington National Cathedral where he grew up. The sculptor believes it was his exposure to the master craftsmen building the Cathedral that inspired his pursuit of art.

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MoonShadow Film Society is a program of GroundSwell Pictures, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to produce films, show films, teach filmmaking, and support films that inspire change. MoonShadow Film Society shows an independent film every First Tuesday September —  June and brings in filmmakers to help better connect the audience with the film.  For more, see

GroundSwell Pictures is located in Fayetteville NC, announced the screening of Earthcaster as part of its MoonShadow Film Society. For details, contact Pat Wright at 910.486.9036 or via email.

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