North Carolina South & East Asian Hollywood Film Festival to be held on May 21

"Chicken" is one of many films to be presented during the Franklin Flicks/NCISAFF dates in May and June 2022
"Chicken" is one of many films to be presented during the Franklin Flicks/NCISAFF in May 2022

Get ready for another year of remarkable films, with the North Carolina Indian and South Asian Film Festival (NCISAFF). This festival will be screening films in May at The Farm in Louisburg, North Carolina and in June at Louisburg College.

As NCISAFF, a 501-C3 organization continues its journey after covid-19, and open its doors to an onsite film festival in 2022, we want to take some steps back and trace the history of this film festival which started with NC South & East Asian Film festival in 2012 and a Franklin County chapter, Franklin Flicks in 2014.   The festival has shared versatile stories through diverse voices through art of moving images, providing a global experience and themes.  The goal of this organization is two fold, to hold annual film festivals, and tell stories by creating films that bring forth untold stories or themes from the Southern United States.

2022 NCISAFF Board and Committee Members include, Gauri Singh, Pamela Andrejev, Ravi Relangi, Napoleon Griffin, Ketki Handa, Beverly Kegley, Sangsoon Koh, and Jyoti Singh.

NCISAFF received many good films for the 2022 film festival and it was a very competitive selection process. The films were judged by Gauri Singh, Founder, and  Pamela Andrejev, Executive Board Member.   The film themes originate from Australia, Canada, China, India and other S. Asia Countries, Japan, South Korea, Tibet, Vietnam and the United States.   The US based films chosen are from California, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, and Washington DC.

"Nai Nai" film will be screened during Franklin Flicks/NCISAFF 2022
“Nai Nai” film will be screened during Franklin Flicks/NCISAFF 2022

Nai Nai an Animation film with Chinese and Japanese connection from the co -director’s  Hsiu Hsiu Lin and Minori Uemura from Fremont, California will open the 8th Annual Film Festival.

X-Rayted Man is a short film by Siraj Huda that provides a glimpse into the work of a Tele Radiologist, Dr. Sumeet Verma in New York City. Siraj Huda is local New York City based actor.

The Dunes is a psychological thriller set in a small fictional beachside town in Australia  on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.  Martin Copping, is an Award winning actor, producer and director for film and television and gaming. On the big screen Martin starred in the independent feature film ‘Forbidden Ground’ which was distributed by Lionsgate.

Walls that Matter is an Inspiring film that falls into the Diversity and inclusion topic.   This film is by Tanmay Shah, who holds the Limca Book Of Records, Asia Book Of Records, India Book Of Records and Golden Book Of World Records for making maximum short films in a year. In this film, Tanmay showcases a victim of polio, a differently abled individual and his life journey in giving back to the society in an art form and his enthusiasm is praiseworthy.

Internationally and transracially adopted from China, Director Sophie Rizzo, came to the United States as a baby, but now she is studying filmmaking at the Florida State University.  In her film The (un)lucky ones she wanted to bring awareness to the somewhat dark side of adoption and the issues that adoptees go through and validates adoptees’ feelings.  She states, “Adoption is always seen as a good thing and there is the attitude that adoptees should be grateful.”  But if that is so, the film highlights it well.

Yeh Shaam Mastani is an interesting film that showcases how two lonely radio talk show listeners find an unexpected connection.  This film is directed by Actor and Director Sangeeta Agarwal. The Radio Talk Show host in the film is actually a Radio Talk Show host, Rajiv Paul for MD/DC/VA for the popular South Asian American Radio channel.

The festival has confirmed 21 films in this year’s official selection, including Screening slots being worked for Saturday, June 25, 2022, at the Diversity through Arts Festival held by the Franklin County Arts Council — which will include Sophie Rizzo’s The (un)lucky ones, Siraj Huda’s X-Rayted Man, Jyoti Singh’s/Ketki Handa’s music Video Diwali in the fall season of USA, and others. The location of this arts festival will be JPAC at Louisburg College.

Directorial Debut Films:   Among the first-time filmmakers making their NCISAFF debut this year are Louisa Phung, from Vancouver, BC with Hope and Grace, Emma Li with the Animation Chicken,  and Siraj Huda’s X-Rayted Man.

Sponsors:  NCISAFF is grateful to the many sponsors, Town of Louisburg, Franklin Arts Council, North Carolina Arts Council, Mr. Napoleon Griffin, RVP Productions, and the Interfaith Council.

Official Line-up on May 21, 2022

Franklin Flicks / North Carolina South and East Asian Film Festival 2022 poster
Franklin Flicks / North Carolina South and East Asian Film Festival 2022 poster

Here is the full official line-up of the 2022  Franklin Flicks/North Carolina South & East Asian Hollywood Film Festival which runs on Saturday, May 21, 2022, noon-7pm, at The FARM, 3096 Hwy 39 N, Louisburg, NC. To learn more about the film and about the NCISAFF organization, visit,

  • Nai Nai  by Hsiu Hsiu Lin, Minori Uemur
  • Chicken by Emma Li
  • Hope & Grace by Louis Phung
  • Daughter of Ocean by James Chu
  • Buried & Forgotten   by Ali Ahmed
  • Light in Stones  by Iqbal Barkat
  • Tibetan Harvest by Jasraj Paddy
  • GrandMaster Koh by Gauri Singh
  • Ye Shaam Mastani by Sangeeta Agarwal
  • Roll Pin Punch by Debbie Vu
  • The Last Date by Adithya Rajan
  • The Khe Sanh Peace Garden by Tinh Mahoney
  • Emergence out of the Shadows by Vinay Giridhar
  • The Dunes by Martin Copping
Franklin Flicks / North Carolina South and East Asian Film Festival 2022 main poster
Franklin Flicks / North Carolina South and East Asian Film Festival 2022 main poster

Official Line-up on June 25, 2022 at Diversity Through Arts Festival

  • Walls that Matter by Tanmay Shah
  • Swiped Out by Karan Choudhary
  • The (un)Lucky ones by Sophie Rizzo
  • Fugesto Do by Kaia Rose
  • X-Rayted Man by Siraj Huda
  • Diwali in the Fall Season of USA by Gauri Singh, Jyoti Singh, Ketki Handa

One of the goals of NCISAFF’s is to create films that tell stories or themes depicting the southern United States. In this pursuit, NCISAFF has been partnering with other filmmakers locally and internationally to produce films.  In the past two years, as part of Franklin Series films, NCISAFF has created five films, of which three films are complete, and two (2) music videos, of which 1 is complete.  These films and music tracks/videos were made with sponsorship from Franklin Arts Council, NC Arts council, NCISAFF, and RVP production financial Assistance.    The five local films highlight the myriad history of the locals, and the two music videos embody the festivities of the south.

"Crossing Borders-An American Story" film poster
“Crossing Borders-An American Story” film poster

Crossing Borders-An American Story, documents the life journey of Louisburg resident from Sikh background and Faith, Mr. Manmohan Singh and his Wife, Kaushalindra Singh who own the Gas Station property and business, Main Street Mini Mart, across the post office in Louisburg, NC. This film chronicles the life journey crossing many borders which includes the journey from divided India at the event of partition of India into two different countries Pakistan and India; working for the Border Roads organization; and  then the immigration to the American South.

GrandMaster Koh tells the story of Mr. Sangsoon Koh, 8th Degree black belt inducted into the Tae Kwon Do hall of fame and his contributions to the art of Tae Kwon Do.   This film will screen in 2022.

Tapestry: Spiritual Music of Mill Village records the mill village story of Louisburg Local Brian Miller’s family, Where Brian Miller’s grandmother worked at a mill in Gastonia and the importance of church as an epicenter.

Sarees and Suitcases makes a fashion statement and follows the filmmakers travel through United States, state to state, adding a Saree to the Map of the United States highlighting that saree is worn all over united states using a metaphor “hidden culture” unknown to many but to bring it to the mainstream American culture.

Spirit of Peace is still in works as some more scenes need to be shot and this film  catalogs the work and life of Jackie Dove Miller, a local resident, poet, and a writer.

In addition, there are two music tracks that have been completed which are sung by Singer/Award winning Actress and Director Jyoti Singh, as part of the new album, Festival of Colors and Lights, the tracks are “Diwali in the Fall Season of USA” and “Festival of Lights: A Season that unites” accompanied by Mohit Kumarm, Singer/Musician for the second track.   These Music Video Reflects the importance  of “The Festival of Lights.” The music/song showcases how these different celebrations in the fall season of the USA bring happiness and colors to our life, and unites us all.

There is so much history to share right here in Franklin County and the NCISAFF team is documenting these diverse stories.

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