Award-Winning gospel play “Spare The Rod, Spoil the Child” Coming to Durham NC on Sept. 29

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child play. Source: The Carolina Theatre of Durham (NC)
Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child play. Source: The Carolina Theatre of Durham (NC)

Tall One Outreach Ministries and Summerville Promotion & Production Co. present the Award- Winning  Gospel Stage Play “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” Part 2, written and produced by Dr. Mildred Summerville and directed by Trina Jeffrie (AKA Sister Cantaloupe) at The Carolina Theatre, 309 West Morgan Street, Durham, North Carolina on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at 7:30pm.

Gracing the stage for this evening’s production include:Grammy Award-Winning artist, Le’Andria Johnson, Gospel-singing-sensation, Shawn McLemore, who is known for his hit single “I Believe,” which features James Fortune. Other other cast members include Dr. Pauline Plummer, Rhonda McLemore, ‘The-Queen-of-Gospel-Comedy, Trina Jeffrie,Trent Lumpkin, Hasan Texeira, and Apostle Aaron McNair, a renowned preacher, teacher, and author.The additional supporting cast members selected from the May 9 audition showcase:  Alayla Jenkins, Wilson Idol 2017 winner, Pastor Kenneth Lofton,Geneva Lofton, Wilson Idol Contestants, Maryta Fields of New York City and Symone Spencer of Raleigh NC. Also making a special appearance during this evening’s line-up of stars include, the Grammy nominated and talented R & B Diva, Ms. Angie Stone.

A must-see story; the play is a multi-faceted, emotional drama that punch-lines side-splitting comedy that will be talked about in families for generations to come. Through drama and comedy, the audience will come to acknowledge the many insurmountable challenges encountered by most families.

In this gripping and engaging dramatic piece, a woman, simply known as “Grandma,” serves as the pillar of her family’s foundation. Her son’s family is facing a personal crisis, and those within her neighborhood are drowning in chronic troubles of their very own. Through it all, Grandma seeks God on behalf of those around her who are not spiritually inclined enough to seek God for themselves. Even those who resent “Grandma,” such as her son’s sometimes-rigid wife, Linda, ultimately end up on Grandma’s prayer list. And when the walls of the lives of those around Grandma seem to come tumbling down, they know who to turn to for guidance and sound counsel. “Grandma’s” advice is not always the message they want to hear, but it is consistently the precise word-of-God needed to steer them in the right direction.

Along with the conviction of spirit-filled music and memorable characters like James, the doting son, Linda, the insensitive daughter-in-law, Tracy, the troubled teenager, and Sister Cantaloupe, Grandma’s feisty sister, “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” portrays the following provocative community issues: family dysfunction, peer pressure, substance abuse, and other pertinent matters that are too often inadequately addressed, or considered too taboo to bring into open forum.

As the drama continues to unfold, Grandma uses her God-given wisdom to confront Tracy’s suppressed anger and bitterness. Somehow Grandma convinces Tracy to disclose the facts about a rape of which she has kept secret for months. Simultaneously, Grandma fervently prays for her grandson, William, who experiences a‘change-of- heart’ and averts a life of gang involvement.

Though compounding events take a toll on Grandma’s emotional and physical health, the audience will rejoice in knowing that this elderly woman’s life was prayer-centered, purpose-inspired, and inevitably her spiritual ministry does not go unnoticed! Extraordinary drama, corrupt karma, the inspiration of a supportive pastor, and a praying grandma, all come together to make “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” an unforgettable, theatrical production! Infused with foot-stomping gospel music, this is  soul-stirring entertainment that will warm hearts, tickle funny bones, uplift the spirits, and search the souls of all those who attend this event.

Ticket pricing and link to buy tickets are available via The Carolina Theatre of Durham’s website at


Le'Andria Johnson. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Le’Andria Johnson. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Le’Andria Johnson is an American gospel musician and singer-songwriter. Le’Andria was the season three winner of the BET gospel singing competition show, “Sunday Best.” Johnson’s Sunday Best coronation song, “I Shall Leap into My Destiny,” co-written by Johnson, entered the Billboard Gospel chart at number 1. As part of her win, she acquired a national recording contract, a 2010 Ford Taurus, and a cash prize, courtesy of Degree Nature Effects. After winning Sunday Best, Le’Andria was signed on by Showbiz  Entrepreneur, executed by the father of Beyonce, Matthew Knowles, to Music World Gospel, in a joint venture with BET and the Sunday Best brand. A debut seven-song EP, The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson, which spawned the hit “Jesus,” was released in 2011, followed by a second seven-song EP, The Evolution of Le’Andria Johnson, in 2012. The two EPs were then combined in 2012 to make a full album, titled The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson Deluxe. Johnson is the first Sunday Best contestant to receive a Grammy Award, which she won in 2012 for Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance.

Trina Jeffrie (Sister Cantaloupe). Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Trina Jeffrie (Sister Cantaloupe). Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Trina Jeffrie’s break out character “Sister Cantaloupe” has become a household name in the gospel community. “Sister Cantaloupe”, created by Trina, is a cat-eyeglass-wearing, colorful, and loud speaking church-going sister. She is often compared to Tyler Perry’s character “Madea”. But this church busybody was created some 25 years ago and has performed in every religious community you can imagine. Trina, the writer of all of her one-woman acts, has left audiences rolling in the aisles with her unique style of comedy and drama. Trina has three award winning hit DVD’s & CD’s, and has recorded five Video/CD’s/DVD’s that are globally distributed. These recordings include: Go Cantaloupe Go (1996), Laffing Out Loud with the Lord (1998), Un-Be-Weave-able (2002), Dr. Bobby Jones’ ‘ All Star Comedy (Lions Gate 2004),’ and Armed and Dangerous (2006). Her DVD 3pack Classic Comedian Collection (2012) was awarded Best New Artist and Best Video. Jeffries is the 2014 winner of the AMG award for “Comedian of the Year”.

Though Sister Cantaloupe is a huge success, Trina’s talents range far beyond the character. She has also toured two years in the national play, “Friends and Lover” with stars such as Leon (Waiting to Exhale), Mel Jackson (Soul Food), Meguel Nunez Jr. (Juwana Mann),and Monica Calhoun (The Best Man). Trina has been afforded the opportunity to be involved in motion pictures, television, and magazine publications. Because of her versatility and ambition, she has written movies, plays; she has also produced and directed various productions. She co-authored and starred in‘Casino’ starring Gerald LeVert and Kelly Price; she was also in “Leap of Faith” starring Steve Martin and “Necessary Roughness” starring Sinbad and more. Trina made the vow that God would be her first love, and acting her second love. Trina is quick to say, “God is the only Daddy I’ve known and HE spoil’s me so, to God be the Glory”.

Dr. Pauline Plummer. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Dr. Pauline Plummer. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Dr. Pauline Plummer released the single entitled “Quiet Place” in 2006 and received a Gospel Choice Award for “Best New Artist”. Her next CD, entitled, “Pauline”, was released in 2009 and features such outstanding cuts as “Just Who You Are”, “Quiet Place”, & “You’ve Been Good”, to name a few. Pauline was named ” Best Female Singer” by Gospel Choice Awards and was honored with “the Heritage Music Award” by the Jasper Awards in Birmingham, Alabama. Pauline’s mission is to minister music with a message of salvation, healing, hope and deliverance. Her melodic voice is sure to usher you into the presence of the Almighty.

Pauline is a television host for “Atlanta Live TV57” shown in Atlanta, GA and has appeared as a special guest on numerous television shows. She was chosen to sing for the historical MLK Memorial in Washington, DC. She also acquired a lead role in the Stage play“One Sunday Morning” Dr. Plummer is the author of Carriers of Vision: Redefining Womanhood.

Rhonda Mclemore. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Rhonda Mclemore. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Rhonda McLemore knew that the stage would be her platform. This prophesy was confirmed by her parents as they proudly beheld her first solo performance at the tender age of 10 in her church choir. Growing up in a Houston, TX, church gave Rhonda the opportunity and a platform to sing week after week; nourishing and developing her gift from God. During her journey of song, stage, and her developmental relationship with Christ, Rhonda was blessed to share the stage with Dr. Bobby Jones, Pastor John P. Kee, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, and Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin, to name a few. Rhonda has traveled across the country while performing in gospel stage plays with Mr. Michael Matthews and Marvelous Entertainment. She also had the opportunity to share the stage with her husband, Shawn Mclemore.

Remaining true to her passion for music, Rhonda and her late friend Rosalyn Brunswick,co-founded a gospel group called Lyric, which was nominated for a Stellar Award for “Group Duo”. Rhonda’s latest accomplishment is the completion of her album produced by husband, Shawn Mclemore and Alex Warden titled, “Heart To Heart”. The album will be released early next year.

Shawn Mclemore. Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Shawn Mclemore. Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Shawn Mclemore felt that it was his calling to spread the Good News of God through melody and the spoken word. The Los Angeles native grew up and became involved in the church, and acquired sound doctrine and wise tutelage. Shawn’s very first album, Wait on Him by Verity Records, was released in 1997 and found its rightful place in the Billboard Magazine featuring the Gospel Genre. Since then, Shawn has released three more albums, Sunday Morning: The Live Experience, The Shawn Mac Project (2010), and One Percent Miracle: Any Minute Now (2011).

In addition to his musical career, Shawn is an accomplished stage actor, starring in productions that have toured across the country. These productions include: Come Out of the Rain, I Need A Man, Momma Don’t Get God Started, and Friends and Lovers, just to name a few.

Currently, through Gospel Music, Shawn continues to share his life’s challenges and triumphs with a global audience. Shawn’s latest project includes a collaboration of melodic interpretations with fellow artist, James Fortune, featured on Mclemore’s hit single, “I Believe.” This particular song reached number one on the Gospel Billboard Chart. Shawn is also starring in the upcoming hit stage play “Baby Hold On to Me,” a musical tribute play to the late great Gerald Levert. Shawn is the proud husband of Rhonda Mclemore.

Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company


Apostle Dr. Aaron B. McNair, Sr. is the Excuetive Pastor of Mount Calvary Word of Faith, Raleigh, North Carolina. He is Founder of Mt. Moriah Community Churches located in Farmville, Raleigh, Warsaw, and Wilson, NC. Apostle Aaron B. McNair, is one who is acknowledged for his giftedness and which operates in an apostolic anointing and brings about life changing ministries.Surpassing 20 years of ministry, he understands the laborious calling and assigned to his life’s work, yet he walks in sincerity, humility and exorbitant integrity.

During the year of 2012, subsequent to five years of carrying out the strategic duties of an Apostle, Pastor McNair was duly affirmed as an Apostle in the Lord’s Church.  Apostle McNair serves as the Establishmentarian and General Overseer of the Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship, which currently consists of over 50 Churches and Ministries; nearly 30 of these ministries are located in South Africa.  Apostle McNair, through this ecumenical fellowship, is an effective Father and believes “iron sharpens iron.” (Proverbs 27:17)

He is the author of two books entitled “Preaching with a Problem” and “Releasing the Spirit of Giving.” His signature sermon, entitled, “Preaching with a Problem,” is featured in the text: Oxford Sermons Volume III. Apostle McNair has been distinctively proclaimed as the “Preacher’s Preacher”. He is a national and international recognized revivalist and conference-leader. He has ministered in Brazil, conducted crusades in South Africa, Germany, London, Hong Kong, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Barbados and throughout the United States.


Dr. Trish Harleston. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Dr. Trish Harleston. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Dr. Trish Harleston is the Visionary and Founder of Trish Harleston’s Ministries and the Liquidated Ladies Women Conferences, which is hosted annually in North Carolina.  As a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel, Rev. Dr. Harleston has served as preacher, workshop presenter, and anointed teacher throughout the region.  She is a published author of two Christian publications “Monti’s Story,” “Love Lifted Me” and “The Weekly Word for Your Daily Walk,” which is a Devotional and Prayer Journal”. Dr. Harleston is also a contributing author for the international upcoming project, “Unstoppable, Warrior–Women”. Trish Harleston spent a number of years as a church operational and administrative manager, prior to the establishing“THM,”  as a non-profit outreach and religious organization which serves the personal needs of all mankind. For the last nine years, she has shared a weekly message of inspiration via an inspirational blog which has now evolved into a television show that she hosts weekly on KNTV Networks.  Although Dr. Harleston shared her dramatic abilities during her earlier years, she has not performed since 2002, she put away her stage-costumes, after nearly five years of portraying the characters of Mother Moses and MissSadie. However, it was during this era of her life that the portrayal of these particular characters allowed her to provide inspirational and motivational humor for a many viewers.  Dr. Harleston is an award-winning community servant, and a highly-favored woman of whom many seek to hear her provide motivational messages. In a word, God has equipped Dr. Trish Harleston with a powerful anointing that leads others to Christ through the ministry entrusted to her.

Dr. Mildred Summerville. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company
Dr. Mildred Summerville. Source: Summerville Promotion & Production Company

Dr. Mildred Summerville, retired administrator of Wilson County Schools in North Carolina and CEO/Founder of J & L Summerville Academy, Summerville Promotion & Production Company and TALL 1 Outreach Ministries  recently received The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  Summerville has been honored as an elitist in her profession.From 2010-2015, the National Heritage Registry for Who’s Who in America has paid homage to Summerville as ther Writer/Producer of the award- winning gospel play entitled,  “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.”

Summerville’s most honorable accomplishments include her roles as: CEO/ and Principal of Summerville Academy, for Spiritual Educationand Entertainment services – for which she attained a vision for ‘Out-standing Leadership.’ As a result of her commitment to the Summerville Promotion and Production Company, Summerville became a Distinguished Member of The Heritage Top 100. In addition, Dr. Summerville has become recognized as a distinguished ‘Top Professional-VIP-of North America.

Dr. Summerville is the writer and producer of the play entitled “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.” This particular dramatic interpretation, known for its highly acclaimed gospelaic-brilliance, allows you to see Summerville at her best. Quite fortunately, at the culmination of her production, Dr. Mildred Summerville received two prestigious awards which were bestowed upon her at the Resa Mitchell AwardsCeremony in Griffin, Georgia during Decemberof 2009.  “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child” was acknowledged in the category of ‘Best-Stage-Play-Production,’ and Dr. Summerville was recognized as the Stage Play Producer of the Year.

In 2017, Dr. Summerville received an additional award honoring her as the ‘playwright-of-the year,’ and acknowledging her production as gospel stage play of the year.

During the Wilson Idol Talent Show, produced in Wilson, North Carolina, the initial DVD’s of this award winning play were released during late January of 2009.  Proceeds from the DVD sales help to sustain the J&L Summerville Academy’s youth programs and the Wilson Idol Legacy.

A native of Wilson, North Carolina, Dr. Mildred Summerville remains totally dedicated to the well-being of citizen from her home town. To this end, Dr. Summerville has become a house-hold name and her community continues to recognize her energetic determination. Near to her heart, Dr. Summerville was chosen and featured as a 2016 Down East Honoree– Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Wilson, N.C. community.In addition, Dr. Summerville was chosen as one of 27 heroes across the country who were named a Hometown Hero for making a measurable difference in their personal communities. Further, WIDU Radio &TCP Magazine honored Summerville on September 8of 2013 as a Hometown Hero from Wilson, North Carolina. Dr. Summerville is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and attends the  Mt. Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh, North Carolina,  where she serves as an Armor Bearer for the Pastor Shirley Caesar. During Summerville’s association and work with this renowned gospel artist, Summerville has come to recognize her very own zeal as a producer for ambitious talent as well as her skills for the business of entertainment.

Dr. Mildred Summerville is recognized as a contributing author of the book entitled, Mr.President: Interfaith Perspective on the Historic Presidency of Barack H. Obama (pp. 224-226). The initial publication of this text was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on January 12, 2017. Summerville’s says, “ be included in this particular text is an accomplished honor, as this book’s longevity will historically document the accomplishments of President Obama.

When asked to comment on her life’s endeavors, Dr. Summerville declares her greatest professional — and personal –accomplishment lies in her establishment of a community-based nonprofit organization called Tall One Outreach Ministries. Tall One is based on a nickname bestowed upon Summerville by her pastor, Shirley Caesar (Queen of Gospel) alluding to Summerville’s six-foot stature.

The mission of this organization is to serve as a nonprofit community-based organization, promoting educational, cultural awareness, creating jobs, and establishing new opportunities for the performing arts. The organization’s purpose is threefold: 1) to provide opportunities for employment for the youth 2) to increase human relations within communities by providing performing arts events that promote diversity and multicultural awareness (such as Wilson Idol and Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child Gospel Play; and 3) to promote the awareness of health disparities and prevention– by creating programs and strategies that address community issues through performing arts. (Issues of concern include: the illiteracy rate, the high school drop-out rate, delinquent behavior, teen pregnancy, obesity, suspension rate, drug abuse, crime, and poverty.)

Committed to making a difference, Dr. Summerville ministers to others through her many talents and strengths and she touches lives in a variety of venues. She launched an Entrepreneur Program to assist students in defraying the cost of a higher education. The program was designed to provide an opportunity for Wilson County youth to earn money while learning valuable sale and marketing skills.

Tall One also uses Performing Arts as an educational tool which promotes positive alternatives for disciplining and training children. The art of disciplinary actions shows children that they are not above reproach and that they are accountable for their behaviors. Summerville asserts, “The greatest responsibility God gives parents is the nurture and guidance of their children. Lack of discipline puts a parent’s love in question, because it shows a lack of concern for the character development of their children. Without proper discipline, children often grow up with no clear understanding of right and wrong and possess little or no directions for their life’s pathway.”

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child Gospel Play is the perfect event for youth groups, date nights, church congregations, and family outings. Make it a family affair..


Source: Dr. Mildred Summerville, Summerville Promotion & Production Co. 

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