Upcoming UFO Meeting Addresses “Fifty Shades of Greys”

Fifty Shades of Greys book cover, via amazon.com.
Fifty Shades of Greys book cover, via amazon.com.

By Kay Whatley, Editor

When a meeting of the Mutual UFO Network — MUFON — is coming up in North Carolina, we strive to spread the word. The event coming up on May 14, 2016, is no exception; except that the title of the book to be discussed at the meeting gave me a chuckle.

The next MUFON-NC Chapter meeting is May 14, 2016, starting at 2pm and wrapping up around 5pm, followed by an optional group dinner. The meeting is being held at the Courtyard Winston-Salem Hanes Mall, 1600 Westbrook Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem NC.

The presenter is a retired US Air Force Senior Engineer and author, Ray Szymanski. Part of his lecture is expected to be around the author’s recently released book, Fifty Shades of Greys:  Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson AFB and Beyond.

I had to read that title twice before I got it. “Greys” is a descriptive name given to a type of extraterrestrial noted for its grey skin, often with a larger-than-humans head.

First, here is the event description, written by Lakita Adams, from the MUFON-NC website:

Ray spent nearly 40 years at Wright-Patterson, and will share back stories and personal photos from his experiences at the base, as well as his on-site research into some iconic historical UFO cases, including the 1980 Rendlesham Incident, and the Travis Walton case.  He will also have USAF memorabilia items, that will be given as door prizes.

There will be a $10 admission charge for this event, payable at the door.

We hope you can join us for this informative and entertaining presentation, from a military insider.  We will also meet for dinner at 6pm, at a local restaurant.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Ok, now, back to that book title.  For those who read the controversial, but apparently popular, book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the title of Mr. Szymanski’s work is a nice play on words. Likely the subject matter is quite different! Even so, how can you not go to an event to hear an author who has such a good sense of the topic that his title is such a play on popular culture?  It makes me want to hear more from the author, and maybe read his entire book on greys.

For more information on Mr. Szymanski’s book, details are on Amazon.com. The book is described as written in a “gonzo style.”  That refers to Gonzo journalism, a style of journalism that is written, according to wikipedia.org, “without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative.” It is a kind of satire, so this points to even more potential that the book will be an interesting and humorous read… with good “insider” insights into what truths are out there.

So, go for the alien, or go to hear more from Mr. Szymanski. It should be a great lecture either way.

Ed. Note: Here at The Grey Area news, it gives us even more of a chuckle because of our “Shades of Grey” feature, a staple in the newspaper since it began in 2011. Our feature looks at social and legal type issues, and poses questions for the reader — giving them a chance to look at the shades of grey where they make decisions, rather than purely black or white solutions to issues. It doesn’t usually cover aliens (“greys”).


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