Wilson’s Variety of Cuisines

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Ah, the great melting pot of Wilson! The city’s restaurants offer choices ranging from local fare to cuisines from other parts of the world. Start with a couple of local barbecue hotspots, add a dozen Mexican food restaurants, fold in two dozen Asian food restaurants, add a pinch from Europe, and you have a good portion of what Wilson offers.

Carolina barbecue and local delicacies are close at hand, whether at Bill Ellis Barbecue with all the southern sides, Parker’s, or hidden on a restaurant’s dinner menu. Wilson diners and cafés include fried sides, greens of all kinds, and tangy Carolina barbecue.

Italian these days may seem a little less exotic, what with all the pizza joints mixed in with the serious Italian restaurants serving traditional lasagna, chicken dishes, and pastas.

One Special Served at Fuji Steakhouse (Wilson NC) Asian foods including Japanese, Thai, and Chinese may be found around the city. Several are geared toward quick service and food to go.

Others, such as Kobe Express on Raleigh Road and Fuji Steakhouse on Ward, have comfortable dining rooms and specials off the menu. Right now, those hungry for Vietnamese and Korean foods still have to travel outside the city to find them.

An unusual bakery representing Europe is Sweet Maria’s Bistro and Bakery, with an incredible variety of tasty sweets. The Portugal-born baker/owner creates desserts with European elegance and mingling flavors that turn their customers into regulars.

Most recently, the Wilson melting pot expanded to include Indian food, with the August opening of Tandoori Nights. The Tandoori Nights buffet gives those new to Indian food an opportunity to try a variety of dishes and sauces, with a regular menu available for folks already familiar with this cuisine.

With new restaurants opening frequently in Wilson — spurred by entrepreneurs and a little economic growth — one can expect even more cuisines coming soon. So the next breakfast, lunch or dinner time, head into the great melting pot of Wilson for a variety of options from local areas or far away.

Issue date: August 16–29, 2013

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