Going to the Mattresses?

By Kay Whatley, Editor

How much do you care about your community? Enough to care about your neighbors and the cleanliness of the community?

Going to the mattresses, a phrase popularized by the Godfather movies, means preparing for war. In this case, it is a call to the community to stem the tide of debris thrown along roadsides otherwise beautiful with green growth and blooming flowers.

A few weeks ago, these discarded mattresses could be seen along the side of a Bailey road. Mixed with other trash, they stayed on the side of the road for several weeks. Eventually, someone took their time to remove them.

Likely, the person who loaded and removed the mattresses was not the same person who tossed them there.

The folks who left this trash did not take the time to dispose of it properly. Instead, the mattresses were left to be “someone else’s problem.”

Making work for neighbors is not a good way to nurture community. If people take the time to handle their own mess, they are not filling a neighbor’s time taking care of the problem. Reaching out to neighbors, making sure folks have help when they need it, and thinking of others is beneficial to all.

Going back to the Golden Rule — “Do to others as you would have them do to you” — it has been important for people to rely on and respect each other.

To those who cleaned up the Bailey NC road mess, thank you. Please remember that the Golden Rule is a two-way street. If we work together, we can keep the roadsides clean, and not impose extra work on others.

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