Stay Safe, Dear Readers

The Grey Area News North Carolina

By Kay Whatley, Editor

In the coming weeks, people will be distancing themselves from events, taking safety precautions, and making efforts to avoid catching, or spreading, coronovirus. The plan for The Grey Area News is to continue covering local, national, and unusual news from indoors, from home.

Attending events and reporting on activities will be limited for the next few weeks. It’s the responsible thing to do.

This is an abnormal experience for most of us. Let’s make the best of it.

Individuals and families in our communities will potentially lose income from needing to stay home, or from impacts on their employers including closings. As stress increases, take care of yourself, and please do your best to be kind to your neighbors, to strangers, to everyone, because we’re all stuck in this pandemic together.

Small businesses, farms, and artisans/crafters that depend on farmers markets and selling at events will be hurting, too.  Some markets will still be open, and if you’re feeling well, go and support them. If you want to shop local, but are staying home, reach out to the artisans and farmers who have what you want and ask them how you can buy their products, services, or gift cards.

When this pandemic winds down, when paychecks can be earned regularly again, and people feels safe going out to events again,  we’ll all be better off if we haven’t been at each others’ throats the whole time. Fear of illness and loss of income together are frightening for everyone; treat others as you want to be treated. United we stand.

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