Shades of Grey: Home Invasion

Some situations are viewed in black and white; right and wrong. Yet, many people think situations also have a grey area where solutions are not so easily discerned.

Submitted for Your Consideration and Conversation

A man is sleeping in his home. A noise wakes him. He goes to investigate, grabbing his home firearm on the way. In his living room, he comes face-to-face with a masked man, arms wrapped around the stereo. Startled, the masked man releases the stereo and takes a step toward the homeowner. Equally startled, and in a fearful state, the homeowner holds up his gun and fires. With one shot, the masked man falls. Moments later, the home owner calls 9-1-1 and help comes soon after.

Months later, the homeowner has not been charged but is being sued by the masked man, seeking compensation for his injuries and medical care. Will this homeowner have to pay for his “crime”? Was he justified? Should someone who breaks into a home be able to sue if they are harmed while being subdued during their crime? What do you think?

Now, what if the homeowner had fired more than one shot. Do you still think that way?

Alternatively, what if the masked man had drawn a gun first? Does that change what you think?

What would you do?


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