Shades of Grey: Work Ethic

Bigfoot Reporter on Shades of Grey -
Bigfoot Reporter on Shades of Grey -

Some situations are viewed in black and white; right and wrong. Yet, many people think situations also have a grey area where solutions are not so easily discerned. This is about the choices people make, and the thought process they go through to arrive at decisions.

Consider: Submitted for Discussion

You’re clearing part of your yard as Fall prepares to arrive. There is a bit of junk — old wood, garden wire, and tree limbs — that needs to be removed.  You hire a local person to come and haul away the junk area.

The person arrives. You point out the stuff to haul away, and he begins loading junk onto his trailer. You head back into the house.

An hour or so later, the person comes to the door and tells you that they have everything. Their trailer is loaded. You pay them, and they take everything away with them.

A few days later, you head into the back yard to do some more work.  You find that some of the items that were to be hauled away have instead been tossed into the trees!  The person hauled away some things, but just left other things there that were supposed to be taken away.

You’re furious!  You paid a fair rate for their work and expected that they would finish the job.  They clearly did not finish and had not only never returned but had told you that they were done.

Do you think that you would call and tell the person to come and finish the job?  They are already paid, so they have little incentive to return — and it seems obvious that they didn’t care about doing a good job.

Would you be less trusting of future hires for jobs around your house?  Do you think that you would be more likely to “check their work” before paying next time?

Finally, would you take the time to complain on their social media pages, or even report them to the Better Business Bureau?  What do you think that you would do?

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