Bigfoot Column: The State of the Forest 2019

Source: Dr. John Stamey
Source: Dr. John Stamey

By Dr. John Stamey

Regardless of what non-believers might say, Bigfoot is alive and doing well!  Whether Bigfoot is alive in your mind, in your reading (Facebook groups, books, TV), or prompting you to venture out into the woods for some quality nature time, Bigfoot is in a huge uptrend. While you may not personally believe in Bigfoot, don’t turn your nose up at the impact the big guy can have on your community.

The BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) gives a map and data of reported Bigfoot sightings in your area or throughout your state. This map and information can be found at The top 20 states for sightings, as reported through February 18, 2019 include:

Alabama                     98

Arkansas                     103

California                   440

Colorado                     124

Florida                        324

Georgia                       132

Illinois                        298

Kentucky                    113

Michigan                    217

Missouri                     146

North Carolina            96

New York                    108

Ohio                            289

Oklahoma                   95

Oregon                        250

Pennsylvania              116

Tennessee                   99

Texas                           237

Washington                 658

West Virginia              102

Washington, California, and Florida lead the way with BFRO-reported sightings.

Along with interesting stories and photos from sightings, Bigfoot can actually have a positive impact in your community. Here are three ways Bigfoot can help your neck of the woods:

  • Conferences and festivals bring in additional revenue and notoriety for the sponsoring location and city.
  • Many communities like the idea of being associated with something interesting, fun and different — especially smaller communities.
  • Kids love Bigfoot. A costumed 6′ tall Bigfoot has been the hit of the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference for two years. Admittedly, we are fortunate to have a city park where elementary school students visit in droves every Friday. However these kids “go nuts” to have their picture made with our kid-friendly cryptid as he makes an appearance at the park.

Bigfoot Conferences

In five years of working with Bigfoot events and conferences, the quality of people attending has been in my experience, quite high. They are usually friendly people with a sincere interest in the subject, or they have a personal story to share.  Where can you attend Bigfoot Conferences? Below, we present a (partial) list compiled from personal experience and the use of our favorite website,, a central source for information on Bigfoot and related events:





  • June 8-9, 2019 – NC Bigfoot Conference (Raleigh, NC) —
  • June 29, 2019 – ECBEO Virgina Bigfoot Conference (Waynesboro, VA) —





Bigfoot is the Cool Kid in School

How popular is Bigfoot on Facebook? From right at 200,000 members in 94 Facebook Groups, the average number of individuals were members of ten Bigfoot groups. This number leads us to 20,000 huge fans of  Bigfoot” who can be easily identified, nationwide.  When you add an additional estimated 80% of additional groups which are related to “Sasquatch” and “Cryptid” it is easy to see at least 35,000 hard-core fans of Bigfoot, just in Facebook groups alone.

Bigfoot Column Associated Resources

You can get your “Bigfoot Fix” every week at the podcast, usually held from 4-5:30pm. Hosts Matt Delph and Dr. John interview some very interesting adventurers who go out in the forest every week looking for evidence of Bigfoot. The two are also in charge of the popular Facebook group MECRO (Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization) on Facebook.  If you have some time, check out the podcast (it can be downloaded at any time) or join the MECRO Facebook group.

In the Next Bigfoot Column 

Watch for upcoming details on the NC Bigfoot Conference, to be held in Raleigh, NC, in the next Bigfoot Column. Don’t miss it!


Cryptid: a creature whose existence has yet to be proven by science. For example, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Wampus Cat, and the Lizard Man.


Dr. John Stamey is producer of the podcast. Dr. John Stamey received his doctorate from NC State University in Raleigh, NC. During his three years in that program, he was also a research associate for the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC. He’s author of the book is “Bigfoot Explorers” and organizes the annual SC Lizardman Festival, Tennessee Bigfoot Conference, and Charlotte CryptoCon.  Follow Dr. Stamey on Twitter at @realSCLizardman.

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