The Strange-ness: Children’s Game of Tag A World Sport

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --

By Kay Whatley, Editor

“Tag, you’re it!”

Do you remember playing tag as a child? The children’s chasing game is being promoted as a world sport:  World Chase Tag™.

Chase Tag® events have been held in the UK, Japan, and other spots around the globe since 2016 by World Chase Tag, based in the UK. Chase Tag events combine parkour with the game we played as kids, with obstacles, boundaries, and a 20-second time limit added to maximize the action and evasive techniques. Teams gather and compete, showcasing their agility as evader or chaser.

Check out the latest at, where they bill World Chase Tag as the “The Most Played Sport in The World”. For updates on future events, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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