The Strange-ness: Ice Cream and Banking Together

A bit of odd news from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A local ice cream shop has started a bank, of sorts, that provide ice cream interest without the usual banking fees.

Oh Yeah! Ice Cream And Coffee Shop is located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. They serve food and drinks, now with a side of “interest” in the form of their own currency. Depositors are paid with special bucks of interest at a rate of 5.5% per month, and can spend the bucks in the shop.

This interesting idea has been working for more than a few customers, and under the name of Whalebone Intergalactic Cafe Bank have drawn the ire of bank regulators. Watching their Facebook page at is one way to watch their progress related to possible banking regulations or legal restrictions on this new sort of neighborhood depository with cold, creamy interest.

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