The Strange-ness: Researcher Believes Human Thought Changes Water

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author who claims to have proven that human consciousness may change the structure of water at the molecular level.

In his research, which is controversial, Emoto has used water from a variety of water sources, exposed them to different human thoughts, and then examined the structure of the molecules after freezing the water.

In his various experiments, Emoto was able to produce beautifully-formed molecules by directing positive thoughts, and ugly water molecules by directing negative, hateful thoughts. In some experiments he used music and vibration to impact the water crystals.

Emoto believed that humans, which are 70% water, could impact their environment and potentially their own body, and encouraged further experimentation.

For more information on his experiments, visit this English language page:

To see more about Masaru Emoto, visit this page.

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