The Strange-ness: True Tale #1

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --

It’s that time of year: dark nights, Halloween, strange costumes, and spooky tales. When the tales are true… well, it can make the cool evenings scarier and send a chill down your spine.

Here is a strange, true tale.

By Anonymous

When I was a young man — maybe 20 years ago — I was driving about 200 miles home from a work errand. It was late, dark, and the road was stretching out long ahead of me.

At one point when I was checking my rear view, I thought that I saw eyes looking back at me from the back of my truck. I turned quickly and looked, but no one was there. The rear was empty. I checked the mirror again and only saw the truck bed and road behind me.

All of the sudden, in my pick-up’s headlights I saw a large cube-shaped object in the road ahead. I hit the brakes hard. The brakes squealed, but I didn’t stop until after I hit the object; except, I didn’t hit it but went through it. There was no sound as my truck and I went right over where the cube had been before I came to a stop.

I put it in park and got out. I walked back to where the thing had been in the road. There was nothing there at all, and no damage to my truck.  It was like it was never there, but I’d seen it for more than a few seconds in my headlights and as I braked.

After walking around for a few more minutes, I got into the truck and continued home. The rest of the drive was uneventful.



Ed. Note: Share your TRUE ghost stories and odd happenings on The Grey Area News site. If you’re interested in sharing your unusual experience, big or small, email our editor. When submitting your strange event, be sure to mention if you’d like the story published with your name or Anonymous.

True stories only, preferrably your story, your spouse’s, or your grandparent’s, etc… basically, from a very close source. Please do not send stories that you have heard from your brother’s former roommate’s friend or other distance source!

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