The Strange-ness: True Tale #2

The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --
The Strange-ness -- The Grey Area News --

It’s that time of year: dark nights, Halloween, strange costumes, and spooky tales. When the tales are true… well, it can make the cool evenings scarier and send a chill down your spine.

Here is a strange, true tale.

By Name Withheld

When I was a child of ten or so, a litter of wild kittens was born beyond the edge of our yard. One summer day, a grey-striped, white-blotched wild kitten fell into our house’s window well. He was about two months old. I scooped him up, took him into the house, and Mom and Dad said we could keep him as a family pet. I named him Sundance and — though his coat wasn’t sunny in any way — “Sunny” became his nickname.

Sunny liked to laze around the house, in the yard, or on the patio. He’d roam the nearby woods, then come home to eat and snuggle. He grew along with my siblings and I, and over the years became a beloved member of the household.

When Sunny was about 6 or so, Mom and Dad moved 50 miles away to a new town. I went to live with them, still being a minor, and Sunny came to live in the new place too. It was summer and hot, and once he became accustomed to the new surroundings, Sunny and I roamed the fields behind the new house. In the evenings, when I’d be dozing on the couch, Sunny would jump onto the couch and settle in on my feet or behind them, pushing my legs forward as he curled up to sleep.

During the cooling Fall evenings, Sunny would meow to go outside. I’d slide the door open and he would walk onto the deck, jump down onto the heat pump next to it, and then hop to the ground to walk the field. When it was time to eat, I’d call Sunny in, and I’d see him come running!

Early one winter evening, I let Sunny out the sliding door onto the deck. He seemed slow to walk out, I thought, but he did go and then stood on the deck for a while. Eventually, he hopped down from the deck and crossed the yard as darkness fell.

Several hours later as I lay on the couch watching television, I felt Sunny jump onto the couch by my feet. I could feel his legs pushing down the blanket as he made his way behind my feet. Then, he started to settle in. I reached down to pet him good-night. My hands, though, touched on nothing.

Confused, I sat part way up and reached lower. In the lamp light, I could see that the cat was not on the couch. I looked around to see if Sunny might have jumped down, but no. He wasn’t on the couch nor in the room.

Suddenly, I felt fearful as I remembered that I had let Sunny out earlier; but, I also knew that I had felt him moving on the couch. I got up and looked around again. More afraid now, I went to the sliding door and stepped outside. I called Sunny for several minutes, but my heart felt sick. I knew he wasn’t coming home; that was what came to my mind because I had felt him stepping on the blanket when he wasn’t.

All night I watched to see if he came to the sliding door. He never did.

I believe that Sunny had passed away, and had stopped to say good-bye by curling up by my feet one more time.



Ed. Note: Share your TRUE ghost stories and odd happenings on The Grey Area News site. If you’re interested in sharing your unusual experience, big or small, email our editor. When submitting your strange event, be sure to mention if you’d like the story published with your name or Anonymous.

True stories only, preferrably your story, your spouse’s, or your grandparent’s, etc… basically, from a very close source. Please do not send stories that you have heard from your brother’s former roommate’s friend or other distance source!

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