The Strange-ness: Wendell NC UFO Sightings

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Over the past few years, Wendell UFO sightings and strange occurrances have been reported during summer months.

The most recent report details a sighting from June 29, 2016. A Wendell residents photographing storm clouds in the early evening found odd lights in one of their photos.  The anonymous person filed a report with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) along with the image, which shows unexplained lights across the photo. Their report says:

Late one afternoon, I think it was Friday, June 29, 2016, a thunderstorm was brewing so I grabbed my digital camera to take several pictures of the clouds. The second picture I took had streaks of light that shot through my field of vision just as I clicked the shutter. I almost deleted it, but was glad I didn’t.

It was probably around 6-7 pm EST, on my deck which is facing Southeast and looking at the clouds across the street. I’m always on the lookout for tornado-looking clouds and these looked like that, low, flat, very dark gray, and whitish underneath. These three bright beams of light startled me as they streaked across my eyes as I looked in the camera and was pushing the button down at the same time.

They seemed to originate from underneath the clouds, so I don’t think they could be from a car on the ground, or a street light, as they were too high up. I’ve had a few other people look at the photo and they don’t know what the streaks are either.

Below is the image submitted with their MUFON report.

Wendell NC photo. Source: MUFON UFO report,
Wendell NC photo. Source: MUFON UFO report,

A few weeks earlier, on June 14, 2016, a “solid ball of light” was spotted moving across the sky above Wendell. No images were provided in this MUFON report, only the description including identification as a “star-like object” and that it was moving slowly. This event occurred around 9pm.



A year prior, several witnesses reported a pyramid-shaped object flying over the Wendell skies.  In the early morning hours of June 20, 2015, three people watched this unusual object over Wendell. No images were included with this MUFON report. Their text describes their experience, as submitted to MUFON:

Sitting outside with 2 friends, I looked up and saw some strange moving lights. I asked my friends to tell me what they thought. This is my second sighting off of this porch.

It seemed to be lights in the shape of a pyrimid [sic], although the body of the object might have been cloaked and I could see the night sky between the lights.

We watched the pyrimid travel back and forth across the sky for about twenty minutes sometimes it would disappear behind the tree line and bounce back up. A few times it seemed to dance.

# times I have observed the night sky from that porch and twice I have seen something interesting. I will be watching again tonight!

PS while I was watching the word “Tetrahedron” came into my head. I do not think I have heard or known what the word meant, but when I looked it up, it was the shape we saw.

A May 19, 2015, report to MUFON described pulsating lights travelling across the sky, then abruptly turning and disappearing.

I was in my back yard in Wendell, NC right as the sun was about to set @ around 8:15pm est. trimming up a tree. We had just had a quick nasty thunderstorm. I pulled the branch I just cut out of the tree and swung it around and placed it where my pile was going to be.

I then turned around to go get another branch and noticed 4 very odd lights I’ve never seen before on any type of aircraft man made in the Southeast sky headed northeast and they were in a box formation or it was one craft. There were no other objects in the sky at that time. It was moving slower than a jet liner and was maybe 10,000 feet high. It had no sound at all and no vap[or] trail.

I watched it trying to figure out what type of aircraft it was. I was stumped. The two lights in the front were green, simultaneously pulsing and the other two lights behind them were red and not pulsing. These were larger than normal aircraft lights and brighter. When the two green ones pulsed out, I couldn’t see an object. The two green lights seemed to close in together and that’s when it made a 90° turn towards the northwest, i was in shock when that happened and then made a 45° turn towards the west. That’s when I knew I could run and get my wife and phone and it would still be there. Not even 10 seconds later when we came back out it was gone!

We could see the sky in all directions and at the speed it was moving it should have still been there. I was covered in goosebumps and my wife said my look on my face was one she had never seen on me before. I wasn’t scared at all just in kind of a shock. My wife said she saw a bright flash out the corner of her eye as we came out. I didn’t see it and asked her where and she pointed directly where I saw it last. She said it was a quick streaky flash like a meteor going west. About two or three minutes later a jetliner passed over head headed east northeast and it’s lights and height were right and it had its sound.

I always believed this stuff could be real but now especially after those instant out of this world g force turns and instantly gone silent actions, I’m a real believer now!

Similar sightings have been reported across Wake County, including several in nearby Knightdale NC.

To report seeing an unidentified flying object or strange occurrence, reports may be made at

To find out more about UFO sightings in your area, worldwide reports may be viewed on the MUFON site through their searchable database.  Mapping of sightings by type may be found on

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