Bailey Cafe Customers Pay It Forward

By Cullen Gurganus

The most amazing series of acts of kindness took place October 5, 2015, in the Bailey Cafe, when one small act led to more than a dozen.

A long time and loyal customer that morning stopped to pay her bill, and paid the bills for two other tables. One of those tables picked up another. Then a customer picked up two more. From that point on, customers in the Cafe paid it forward, picking up other people’s bills.

According to a Bailey Cafe representative, “It made your heart sing with joy.” They are grateful to the diner who started the dominos, “It reaffirms the good in the world.”

All-in-all 14 customers were affected by the generous act. It began with one person: a small gift of goodness started by one person and impacting staff and customers all day.

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