Imperial Centre to Host Open House and Debut Ocean Bound! Exhibit

Ocean Bound! exhibit opening. Source: Imperial Centre, Rocky Mount NC.
Ocean Bound! exhibit opening. Source: Imperial Centre, Rocky Mount NC.

By Tameka Kenan-Norman, City of Rocky Mount NC

The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences will host an open house Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 4-6pm, featuring its fall programming. The Children’s Museum and Science Center will also debut its latest exhibit, “Ocean Bound!,” with free admission 10am-6pm.

First, the public is encouraged to visit the Arts Education Building and learn about the fall programs being offered. This year’s fall program series is themed Be ARTventurous.

Says Tracy Grosner, arts education manager:

“Through a collection of classes and workshops, we welcome all ages and community members to be curious, experiment and have fun with the arts. We hope to see different ages and experience levels working together, creating and finding their expressive voice in all of our wonderful studios.

Teaching artists will provide demonstrations; visitors may experiment with art and tour the building. Workshops offered as part of Be ARTventurous include fabric dyeing, painting, jewelry making, basket weaving, making pottery and more. Continues Grosner:

“I hope everyone will take away a newfound confidence that art is for them and feel inspired to keep creating.”

Also beginning Tuesday, September 26, the Children’s Museum and Science Center will be the home for a new exhibit. “Ocean Bound!” includes multiple hands-on stations where guests can make it rain in a 3-D watershed model, guide “water” safely through a hazardous maze, as well as pilot a full-sized virtual “submersible” from a mountain stream all the way to the ocean.

Leigh White, curator of Education for the Children’s Museum and Science Center, hopes that visitors to the exhibit will realize how what we do on land affects the ocean.

“No matter where you live in the world, everyone lives in a watershed. Residents of the twin counties live in the Tar-Pamlico watershed,” said White. “What we do on land not only affects the local environment; it affects the ocean as well. A healthy watershed means a healthier ocean.”

A watershed is an area of land that collects water and then drains into a marsh, stream, river, or lake. Eventually, that water makes its way to the ocean.

Admission is free for the open house and exhibit debut.

For more information, visit, or call 252.972.1266.

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