Knightdale Police Lieutenant Receives “Guardian of the Flame Award” for Special Olympics Fundraising

Knightdale Officers with Guardian of the Flame Award from Special Olympics. Source: Knightdale Police Department
Knightdale Officers with Guardian of the Flame Award from Special Olympics. Source: Knightdale Police Department


The Knightdale Police Department supports many causes that impact the local community. For more than a dozen years, the KPD has supported the Special Olympics of North Carolina, with this year being one of the best on record. With the leadership of Lieutenant Ginger Keel, the Knightdale Police Department raised $37,665 in support of Special Olympics.

This made Knightdale one of the Top 10 fundraising agencies in North Carolina, along with other Police Departments many times their size, including the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Winston-Salem, and Fayetteville Police Departments.

Lieutenant Keel and members of the Knightdale Police Department, attended the Law Enforcement Torch Run Conference this month, to receive their award for their fundraising accomplishments.

Chief Lawrence Capps stated, “Since taking over as our Special Olympics coordinator, Ginger has embraced her duties with an extraordinary level of passion and commitment. The leadership qualities she displays on a daily basis – selflessness, enthusiasm, and dedication – are the same attributes that drive her to serve NC’s special athletes.”

The KPD has taken part in Special Olympics ceremonies, assisted in the presentation of awards for athletes, and represented Knightdale at the National Special Olympic Conference. Lieutenant Keel said, “The Special Olympic athletes of NC have given me so much more than I could ever give to them. I am grateful to be involved in our department’s efforts to give back to the athletes in such a meaningful way.”

The Knightdale Police Department did not do this alone. They enlisted the support of local businesses like Hammer Driven Fitness, Chick-fil-A, and Target, to assist with events including the Annual Torch Run, Cop on Top, Cover a Cruiser, Over the Edge, and the Annual Spring Carnival. It was a true community effort.

View the final fundraising results on the Special Olympics website.


Fundraising continues, with the Knightdale PD “Spring Carnival” to benefit Special Olympics of NC scheduled for March 26-April 5, 2020.


Source:  Jonas Silver, Town of Knightdale


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