Louisburg Farm Offers Dirty Hands and Clean Living for Vacationers

Lucky 3 Farm goat, one of the many farm residents welcoming agritourists.
Lucky 3 Farm goat, one of the many farm residents welcoming agritourists.

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Agritourism is visiting, or vacationing, at an agricultural operation. It is a growing trend, and one Franklin County farm is offering this new breed of tourists a place to visit — and try farming hands-on.

Lucky 3 Farm, a meat farm located at 384 Greys Mill Road in Louisburg, recently announced the opening of their Farm Guest House. The three bedrooms, one bath “rental” has a full kitchen and includes an option for the refrigerator to be stocked with farm-fresh products for self preparation. Keeping with the farm’s natural “Lucky Body” products offerings, the guest house includes natural bedding and is cleaned with green, non-toxic cleaning products.

For those who are tourists now, but want to become farmers, Lucky 3 Farm offers optional workshops. Depending on the visitor’s budget, they may spend one-on-one time learning how to grow a farm the right way, or how to manage pasture grasses for optimal livestock health. Farm activities, such as a hayride, may also be added to a stay. All guests are invited to participate in farm chores, at no additional charge, to get that first-hand feel of tending the fields and animals.

“Guests are encouraged to help with farm chores, such as feeding the livestock and gathering eggs,” says farm co-owner Traci Nachtrab. “But it’s not required. It’s your vacation, so you get to decide!”

In addition to flowers, woods, and fields for walking or relaxing, Lucky 3 Farm “residents” include donkeys, cats, dogs, and several squeezably-cute Dwarf Nigerian goats (please don’t actually squeeze them) in addition to the cows, pigs, and chickens raised for meat.

Farms across Franklin County, and throughout Eastern NC, offer a variety of experiences to potentially lure visitors to the area. Lucky 3 Farm is ready for the tourists to arrive, with their guest house and chores waiting for hands to do them. It is likely that other area farms will add agritourism options, drawing tourists to visit and learn from our area’s many experienced farmers. Agritourism can provide farms with an added income stream to help these farmers weather the ups and downs of farm life.

Ready to get to work, or just vacation? The Lucky 3 Farm’s Farm Guest House sleeps six, and runs $165 to $185 per night with a minimum two-night stay. Activities and farm produce are available as add-ons at varying rates.

For more information or to plan family time in the guest house, visit www.lucky3farm.com or call 919.853.6304.

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