Seven NC Towns Receive over $6 Million in Water/Sewer Grants

By Ken Raber, Envirolink

Six North Carolina towns have collectively recently received over $6 million in water and sewer grants from the North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure Authority.  According to Envirolink, a leading utility management company and a municipal partner to the towns, the grants will be used to improve and assess their water and sewer systems.

The recipients of the grants are the towns of Middlesex, Bailey, Mocksville, Yanceyville, Elm City, and Maysville NC.  A spokesman from Envirolink commented that, “Successful Public-Private Partnerships such as these help to control costs, improve service and sustainability in our rural communities.”  The North Carolina Legislature, Governor’s office, and the North Carolina Division of Infrastructure Finance has made these funds available, which aid in identifying and assessing the condition of North Carolina’s state water and sewer infrastructure.

Luther H. Lewis, Mayor of the Town of Middlesex, stated:

“Our town is excited about our grant from the Water Infrastructure Authority.  This will be instrumental in improving our system. These enhancements, along with our partnership with Envirolink, will help ensure that we continue to provide safe, reliable and cost effective service for our residents.”

Funds will be used to upgrade existing facilities as well as perform asset inventory and assessments by:

  • Identifying system components and where they are located
  • Determining the condition of critical components
  • Establishing costs for replacement/repairs/upgrades (capital) and continuous operations and maintenance
  • Creating a prioritized list of projects to be completed
  • Preparing a realistic Capital Improvement Plan that includes critical projects

Specifics of the 2016 Grants Awarded

Community Development Block Grant — Infrastructure Grant Program

Yanceyville — Wastewater Treatment Plant Update — $2,000,00

Elm City — Spray field development and Expansion — $3,000,000

Bailey — Water filter replacement — $234,000

Water and Sewer System Asset Inventory and Assessment Grants

Mocksville — Water and Sewer System AIA Grants — $300,000

Elm City — Water and Sewer System AIA Grants — $300,000

Middlesex — Wastewater AIA Grant — $150,000

Bailey — Sewer AIA Grant — $150,000

Maysville — Sewer AIA Grant — $140,000

Total Grants $6,304,000


Envirolink, Inc. is a full service Utility Management Company specializing in Public-Private Partnerships with operations in N.C., Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio.  For the past 20 years, Envirolink, has worked with its clients to control costs, minimize service risk, and improve sustainability by helping clients better manage their water and sewer systems.

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