TAIP Lab Hosts “The Children’s Hour”

Released by Ray Shell

TAIP Lab “Scratch Night 2” is hosting The Children’s Hour in Wilson NC. Students from Wilson and surrounding areas are participating in this special gathering designed for Artists of all ages who are interested in performing arts.

TAIP LAB SCRATCH NIGHT, a monthly event, happens this coming Saturday, February 27, 2016. beginning at 7:30pm at the Christ Temple of Praise, 103 Jackson Street NE, in Wilson NC.

TAIP LAB’S first “Scratch Night” in January 2016 was an overwhelming success, and a central part of that success was the student participants from Sallie B. Howard’s School for the Arts and Education. Many of those students are returning for Scratch Night 2.

The Sallie B. Howard School, under founder and Principal Dr. Joanne Woodard, is a “free, independent, public charter school in Wilson” that serves students in grades K-8.  Their students participating in The Children’s Hour include:

  • Anihya Taylor
  • Nyana Chillous
  • Amaya Bradley
  • Trinity Perry
  • Aaliyah Walston
  • D’mond Bowser
  • Messiah Ky El
  • Frank Uwakwe
  • Maghony El
  • Melishea Simmons
  • Beatrice Sangangbayan
  • Vishaka Lakhani
  • Shamya Graham
  • Jah-Keim Bowser
  • Ynique Dew
  • Anthony Marks

Also returning to TAIP Lab’s Scratch Night 2 is Derek Carter, whose Natalie Cole Tribute earned him a standing ovation at last month’s Scratch Night. He will be joined by newbies Joe Hennes, talented twins Katherine and Elizabeth Johnson, and songwriter Joshua Wiley.

TAIP Lab’s primary aim is to create a professional Equity, regional theatre in Wilson. Funds are being gathered, with a plan to present fully-staged productions. Scratch Night gives TAIP Lab a performance platform to showcase local talent and build up a local audience who will learn to recognize the TAIP LAB brand and look out for future TAIP LAB productions.

TAIP LAB brought the SCRATCH NIGHT idea to Wilson from the UK, where  a selection of random acts entertain an audience, some are great diamonds, some are useless rocks! At TAIP Lab Scratch Night, the aim is to present all diamond gems to our audience.

Scratch Night 2 is a free event; however, we are passing the hat for donations. All are welcome to come and celebrate TAIP Lab’s Scratch Night 2 with us. It is going to be an entertaining night!

“All the colours of the rainbow are the colours of the human race. The Smithsonian Institute confirms our human species first appeared in Africa; as our common, ancestral tribes travelled away from our African Garden of Eden…away from the heat of Africa’s intense sunlight into the colder, northern regions, the pigmentation of their skin lightened but everything else within our collective human bodies remained the same.  We all have blood, brains, hearts….common organic units that identifies us as human beings.The environments that our ancestors settled into changed their skin colour, hair textures and facial features but those are only cosmetic changes. Don’t we ALL know this and by knowing this don’t we also know that Black history is the history of our HUMAN world?

BUT…some of us don’t know this or refuse to acknowledge this knowledge which is why one month of the year is set aside to remind those who choose to remain blind, deaf and dumb to this most apparent human truth.”


Email me, Ray Shell, at dulamaes@gmail.com if you have questions about TAIP Lab.

TAIP stands for Total Artist in Production. For more information on TAIP Lab in Wilson NC, visit Ray Shell’s Facebook page, where announcements are posted routinely.

For more information on the Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts and Education, visit www.salliebhowardschool.com.

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