Wake Forest & Trees for the Triangle Partnering to Plant Trees on Private Property

Source: Trees for the Triangle
Source: Trees for the Triangle

The Town of Wake Forest is partnering with Trees for the Triangle (TFTT) to help the non-profit meet its goal of planting 50,000 trees in Wake, Durham and Orange counties by 2050. Starting now, Wake Forest property owners can request to have up to two trees planted on their property by visiting TreesForTheTriangle.org and completing the online request form.

Once a tree has been requested, TFTT will visit the property and identify an appropriate tree species for the site. The Town will provide trees for properties inside the Wake Forest town limits, while TFTT will supply the tree planting volunteers. There is a limit of two trees per property.

Wake Forest Urban Forestry Coordinator Luke Devores emphasized that once the trees are planted, the property owner will be responsible for their care and maintenance.

“Since the trees will be planted on private property, neither the Town (of Wake Forest) nor Trees for the Triangle can be involved in their maintenance and care, nor can we be held liable for any future damage they may cause.”

Devores says that upon request the Town’s Urban Forestry Division will provide basic tree care information on such topics as proper pruning, mulching, planting and watering but urges anyone who needs tree diagnosis or treatment recommendations, or work performed on a tree to hire a certified arborist. For tips on hiring a certified arborist, visit www.treesaregood.org.

For more information the Town’s partnership with Trees for the Triangle, contact Urban Forestry Coordinator Luke Devores at 919.435.9565 or via email.


Source: Bill Crabtree, Town of Wake Forest

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