Wendell NC “Hometown Heroes” Recognized

Wendell Public Works
Wendell Public Works (L to R): Brian Bray, Kenneth McLean, Robert Holst, Bobby Beliveau, Rick Mustian, Alton Bryant, Robert Helms, Vince White of Universal Chevrolet. Source: Sherry Scoggins, Town of Wendell NC.

Universal Chevrolet Honors Wendell Fire and Public Works Department Employees

By Lee Spitznagel, Universal Chevrolet

Wendell Fire Department and Public Works employees were treated to a meal this past Wednesday.

As part of Universal Chevrolet’s commitment to the North Carolina Auto Dealers Association’s “Hometown Heroes” program, each department was honored for the important role they play in making Wendell such a great place. The Wendell Police Department was similarly honored in 2016.

The purpose of the program is to recognize each employee for both their in front of and behind the scenes contributions to the quality of life enjoyed by the business community and residents of Wendell. Both the Fire & Public Works employees do many things to make life in Wendell better that often aren’t noticed or publicized. The meal is just a small way to let these people know how important they all are to the operation of Wendell NC.

Thanks also go to Keith and Reid Pair, owners of the Knightdale Smithfield’s Chicken & Barbecue, and to GM Rusty Turner, for their assistance and cooperation in helping to make this event successful.

Wendell Fire Department and Mayor. Source: Sherry Scoggins, Town of Wendell NC.
Wendell Fire Department and Mayor. Source: Sherry Scoggins, Town of Wendell NC.


Ed. Note: Thank you to Sherry L. Scoggins, Town of Wendell, for her assistance.

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