Whitakers, NC Author Releases Book of Soul Food Recipes and Faith

Book released by Lossie Dupree of Whitakers, North Carolina, titled Cooking It Old School & Ministry. Source: MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates
Book released by Lossie Dupree of Whitakers, North Carolina, titled Cooking It Old School & Ministry. Source: MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates

Lossie Dupree, Native of Whitakers, North Carolina has released a book, Cooking It Old School & Ministry, offering a mix of recipes, history, and messages of faith. Author Dupree has utilized her gift of writing to share wisdom and some of the delicious old-school dishes that her late Mother Lil shared and instilled in her.

“This guide was written to prepare the readers mind on how to understand and take advantage of cooking and ministry in the kitchen. This guide will help you to prepare delicious meals while also uplifting your spirit through giving God the praise.”
~Author Lossie Dupree

Comforting dishes that take you back to your fondest memories, those soups, stews and casseroles that taste like home — that’s soul food right there. The best part? You don’t have to be an Iron Chef to master it; you only have to cook with your heart.

Fish, beef, pork or chicken, everything goes, and they’re always backed by the most vibrant of ingredients: black-eyed peas, yams, corn, leafy greens, bell peppers and okra, just to mention a few. Added to that, soul food is also about mastering aromatic herbs, hot peppers and spices. What’s not to love?

Soul food is always served center table, family-style. Flavorful meals to share with your loved ones, but is it healthy?

Health Benefits of Soul Food:  There’s been some talk about how unhealthy traditional soul food is, but recent evidence is turning the tables. Yes, many comfort foods are deep-fried, and soul food stews can be fatty, but now we know trans-fats and sugar, present in almost all processed food, are far worse than saturated fat.

Soul food is a synonym of home-cooking, and that means no additives, preservatives or colorants — just good old food made like all food should be made. When we cook at home, we use the finest and freshest ingredients we can find, that doesn’t happen in the fast food and processed food industries. Southern comfort food is nourishing for the soul and body.

Bring Some Soul To Your Cooking:  If you want to add some soul to your home cooking, then you might want to check out Lossie Dupree’s book, Cooking It Old School & Ministry.

From an authentic Southern-style fried chicken to sweet potato jacks, and from how to cook an old-fashioned grated sweet potato pudding to the crispiest mackerel patties ever. These are dishes you want to make often.

Let’s bringing back generations-old recipes and making them our own. It’s about flavor, color and texture, and about feeding your loved ones with hearty, satisfying and healthy food.

Enjoying soul food is part of a healthy lifestyle where you share your meals with friends and family just to spend hours around the table, filling the room with laughter. Here, cooking is no chore, but an act of love — now, do you understand why it’s so delicious?

Use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to view a few pages and purchase the book via Amazon.com.


Source:  Marilyn Bryant Tucker, MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates

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