Zebulon, NC: DEVIL-DOG Dungarees’ Donations to Wounded Warrior Project Reach $100K

DEVIL-DOG Dungarees sign, Zebulon, North Carolina. Source: Stephanie Newman
DEVIL-DOG Dungarees sign, Zebulon, North Carolina. Source: Stephanie Newman

The Legacy Brand Name Honors US Marines and Armed Forces

DEVIL-DOG® Dungarees is a family business with a history of service. The company was founded by Louis Rosenstock, a WWI veteran, who named his line of denim jeans after the “Devil Dogs” nickname given to Marines.

From the company history: On January 5, 1948, Louis launched DEVIL-DOG Dungarees, which were said to be, “Tough as a Marine!” as a result of their strength and durability. Having proudly served as a member of the Army of the United States from 1917-1918, Louis chose the name DEVIL-DOG® in honor of the marines and all of the armed forces that fought so bravely for our country.

The family of Louis Rosenstock, including his grandsons Jeff and David, runs the business and has continued his legacy of honoring veterans. The company began a partnership with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) on March 5, 2019, and over the past 2+ years DEVIL-DOG has contributed $100,000 to WPP.  Said Jeff Rosenstock, third-generation owner of General Sportwear in New York and Devil Dog Manufacturing Co. Inc. in North Carolina: “In our family, it’s always been instilled in us to support the troops.”

On July 1, 2019, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees was reborn as a lifestyle brand, and marketing has included raising awareness of WWP services for veterans. Alongside the leather “Zebulon, NC” patch, every pair of DEVIL-DOG Dungarees bears a WWP dog tag, under license from the nonprofit.

From the devil-dog.com website: The relaunch of DEVIL-DOG Dungarees would not be complete without honoring those brave Americans who inspired our name, and for whom we have the greatest respect.  True to its name and heritage, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees is a “Proud partner of Wounded Warrior Project (“WWP”). WWP is committed to honoring, empowering, and helping America’s injured veterans achieve their highest ambitions.”

Learn more at woundedwarriorproject.org/programs.

In Spring 2021, DEVIL-DOG’s offerings will be expanding, its jeans continuing to bear the WWP insignia.

'Zebulon NC' and WWP dog tag on DEVIL-DOG Dungarees. Source: Stephanie Newman
‘Zebulon NC’ and WWP dog tag on DEVIL-DOG Dungarees. Source: Stephanie Newman

A Mainstay in Zebulon

The metal sign over 400 East Gannon Avenue in Zebulon identifies the red brick building beneath it as DEVIL-DOG Dungarees. The sign was erected in 1951 when the company opened its North Carolina operations. From the offices and warehouse beneath the sign, jeans and apparel are distributed worldwide today as they have been for over 70 years.

Louis Rosenstock founded General Sportwear in New York in 1927 and set up Devil Dog Manufacturing Co. Inc. in North Carolina in 1951. Since then, DEVIL-DOG Dungarees Zebulon has continuously handled the company’s shipping and distribution and continues today. Every product the company makes, including name-brand apparel produced for department store chains, ships through the Gannon Ave location.

Said Stephanie Newman, Marketing Strategist with DEVIL-DOG: “Zebulon is very important to our company not only for our past there but the present and future of DEVIL-DOG Dungarees as well.  ‘Zebulon, NC’ is on every jean we make and is going to be featured in our upcoming Spring collection.”

Watch for new lifestyle products in 2022, including Zebulon hats and t-shirts — several will be available this month — and jeans bearing the WWP dog tags. Check out the company’s latest products at devil-dog.com.

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