Lost/Stolen iPhone Tracking Does Work

Frank Whatley taking a photo with his iPhone. Photo by Kay Whatley.
Frank Whatley taking a photo with his iPhone. Photo by Kay Whatley.

By Frank Whatley

Out working one day, I answered a call, and somehow set my cell phone down on my car. After returning home, I realized the iPhone was lost. Luckily, Apple iPhone’s tracking does work and within an hour of realizing it was lost, I had my iPhone back.

When I couldn’t locate the phone, I call my phone service company. They transferred me to Apple. I get on the phone with Apple, and their rep helped me to track my phone — I had turned the tracking service on when I got the phone.

The tracking showed the phone was in Wilson — 20 miles from where I had been that day — so I knew no matter where I lost it, another person had moved it to Wilson. Following the tracking signal to the address, I found that there were several houses close to each other. The phone could be in any one of them.

To get help, I called the Wilson police and they were quickly on the scene. They helped question residents, and in less than 10 minutes the person who had found the phone — in the road, it turns out — returned it to me. The phone had been picked up after being run over. Thanks to the Otterbox cover, it was working fine!

With the tracking tool to find the neighborhood, and the local police to reach out to local residents, finding the phone was no problem and I had it back before I had time to miss calls!

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