Asheville Author L. Chance Shiver Releases First Novel

Book Cover: Oberlins Anomaly by L Chance Shiver
Book Cover: Oberlins Anomaly by L Chance Shiver

Oberlin’s Anomaly Sci Fi Novel Unmasks Alien Intervention

Did you ever wonder if our human ancestors came down from the trees, crawled out the caves, and created civilization all on their own? Or did they have some help? The gripping new science fiction novel from L Chance Shiver reveals the alien cause of early man’s acceleration from Neanderthal to Einstein.

Oberlin’s Anomaly‘s main character, Jack Starkey, still struggling with clinical depression arising out of the deaths of his wife and son, is caught up in a secret war that threatens life on earth. Proteus, a benign alien entity, awakens Jack to his true identity after a violent attack on his life begins an astounding mental and physical metamorphosis. A series of historical flashbacks demonstrate Proteus’ pivotal influence on the rise of man from earliest times. Jack joins Proteus and his cadre of extraordinary and diverse Warriors in an ancient, clandestine conflict. Proteus’ Warriors battle against a malign alien species and their abduction of pregnant humans to create slaves for their purposes, defending the future of mankind.

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Oberlin’s Anomaly is available at independent bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and elsewhere in paperback or eBook.

L Chance Shiver is a Science Fiction writer now living on a small mountain near Asheville, North Carolina. Native to Washington, DC, he is deeply tied to Washington and particularly the area surrounding Rock Creek, the Potomac River, and the C&O Canal National Park and these settings figure prominently in Oberlin’s Anomaly. When not writing, Chance and his wife Susette tour the South East playing early country and old-time music. Chance has been a part of the Great Smokies Writers Program at UNC Asheville, and has been published by the Great Smokies Review.


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