NC Business Offers Emergency Food Options

By John K Carroll, Jr. and Ken Carroll

Millions of Americans are affected by natural and man-made disasters every year – now, the question of what to eat when the lights go out has been answered. Asheville NC’s provides individual meals and meal kits for disaster preparedness.

What makes these meals revolutionary is their quality and simplicity; each meal is self-contained and self-heating, with no need for refrigeration or extra tools. Preparing each meal is easy – everything one needs to heat the meal is in the box. After a salt-water solution is poured into the tray, the food container is placed upside down inside the tray. Then, everything goes back in the box for five minutes, after which the meal is fully heated and ready to eat.

Meals are delicious and nutritionally balanced, without excess salt. As the name implies, freeze-dried meals require refrigeration for storage and a heat source for cooking. Military-type MRE (meals ready to eat) supplies are easy to store; but, they are stuffed with fillers and preservatives.’s self-heating meals have none of these drawbacks.

Disasters aren’t the only scenario where products can be useful. Long-haul truckers can pack an assortment of meals in their cabs, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent at diners and truck stops. Construction workers, meanwhile, often work in challenging environments where a restaurant, or even a break room, just isn’t available. Self-heating meals cook right on site, providing a tasty and nutritious solution during power outages or lengthy camping trips. offers a variety of individual meal kits, including chicken pasta, beef stew, spaghetti and meatballs, and vegetable lasagna, among others. 24-hour and 72-hour kits are also available, as well as Kosher meal kits. For those concerned about their water supply, they also carry water filtration and storage products. understands the importance of being prepared when disaster strikes. That’s why we offer only the best food supplies that can stand up to any situation. One of the most important supplies, if not the most important, in an emergency situation, is shelf-stable food. We offer the innovative self-heating meals because we believe in the product — a home style, self-heating, shelf-stable meal solution no matter what the weather brings. Anytime, anywhere. We believe that the comfort of home-cooked meals is important. When disaster strikes, you don’t need anything else to worry about. When nature strikes, has your back. Be Prepared.

Barry Sendel, President and Founder of Chef Minute Meals, Inc. is one of the most innovative businessmen in America. An inventor at heart, he is always looking for creative solutions to accommodate the fast changing demands within the American Marketplace. Throughout his career Barry has found creative business solutions for problems in a variety of industries, including: Synthetics, Medical Equipment, Health and Fitness, Robotics, and Disaster Relief. Mr. Sendel’s inventions and business solutions have changed the lives of millions. In all of his endeavors one trait remains constant – Barry’s immense passion for helping people.

The main production facility is located at 881 Mountain View Road, Piney Flats TN and the marketing department is located in Asheville NC.

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