Western NC Small Business Presents Donation to Asheville Humane Society

Four Seasons Plumbing presenting their donation to the Asheville Humane Society. Source: Brianna Langley, Orange Orchard PR
Four Seasons Plumbing presenting their donation to the Asheville Humane Society. Source: Brianna Langley, Orange Orchard PR

By Kay Whatley, Editor

Throughout the month of February, Four Seasons Plumbing of Asheville, North Carolina set aside $29 in dispatch fees from each service call to donate to a local foster pets program. The total donation, $4,984, was presented to the Asheville Humane Society’s Foster Care Program on March 6, 2020.

Four Seasons Plumbing owner, Max Rose, is big on pets and has donated to the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) for years. The company has sponsored the Cat Room, sponsored pets each month, and taken photos with pets awaiting foster or adoption. In addition to visiting the animals at AHS, Max, his wife Rachel, and their son James volunteer at the shelter.

Today’s donation and the February promo came about from a conversation between Max and Heather Hayes of AHS. Hayes explained “kitten season” and how overrun their facility became in March each year. She described the many kittens that would be arriving and in need of food, medical supplies, and foster caregivers, including people willing to bottle-feed orphaned kittens/pups (or those taken from their mothers too soon).

AHS appreciates the donations of funding and volunteer time.  Said Evie Schenkel, the Foster Care Program Manager:

Asheville Humane Society’s Foster Care Program saves the lives of the most vulnerable animals in need, such as orphaned, bottle-baby kittens and puppies who need round-the-clock care to survive, as well as animals who need more TLC medically or behaviorally to thrive.

Last year alone, 500 foster families helped save the lives of over 1,300 animals in our community! Fostering is free to our foster parents, we only ask for their time and loving care for our animals! We provide all the formula, food, medical care, heat packs, blankets, toys, treats, etc. that the animals need.

We are so incredibly grateful for this generous donation from Four Seasons Plumbing, as it will allow us to go above and beyond this year with what we can provide to support both our foster parents and the neediest animals of our community!

Having recently lost the Four Seasons Plumbing “shop dog” Lucy, who passed away in December at 16 years old, Max plans to adopt a pet in the future from AHS.

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Find out how to foster pets in the Asheville, NC area by visiting www.ashevillehumane.org/foster.


Source: Brianna Langley, Orange Orchard PR


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