Waste-to-BioGas Plant Starts Charlotte NC Operations

Charlotte NC facility. Source: Blue Sphere Corporation.
Charlotte NC facility. Source: Blue Sphere Corporation.

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Blue Sphere Corporation, an international Independent Power Producer (IPP) announced November 23, 2016, that the Anaerobic Digestion facility that it has been developing in Charlotte, North Carolina, has received confirmation that Duke Energy has accepted the notice of Commercial Operations Date. On November 18, 2016, the Charlotte facility connected to the electrical grid with Duke Energy.

All three generators are now operating. The facility will now enter the mechanical completion, feedstock ramp-up, and commissioning phases. These phases include:

  • the gradual intake of waste from our feedstock suppliers
  • increasing the biogas production and renewable energy generation
  • commissioning the waste-water and digestate treatment systems
  • completing all other mechanical features needed for the plant to operate at its full capacity

This Charlotte project is estimated to be fully operational and generating electrical output in approximately three to four months. The NC biogas plant will generate an estimated 5.2 MW of renewable electricity. The energy produced by this facility will be purchased under long a term power purchase agreement with Duke Energy. This Anaerobic Digestion facility’s outputs will be electricity, passed on through Duke Energy, and soil amendment from its digested, organic materials.

According to Matthew Henninger of Blue Sphere, “The Charlotte facility will be accepting only organic wastes; primarily food waste.” Mr. Henninger also noted that the company may be developing additional NC facilities able to accept swine waste, as a partial solution to the state’s hog-lagoon issues.

Once fully operational, the facility is estimated to produce annual revenue of approximately $10 million and Operating Income of approximately $7.3 million. Blue Sphere owns 25% of the Charlotte project.

Said Shlomi Palas, Blue Sphere CEO:

“I am very excited about achieving this important milestone for the facility in Charlotte. Getting to this point has not come without challenges and we have met and overcome them all. Our team of talented employees, operating partners and financial partners have worked very hard to make this project come to life and I could not be more proud. We believe that this milestone is a testament of what is to come.”

Another Anaerobic Digester facility is under construction in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Blue Sphere Corporation is a diversified independent power producer that develops, owns, and operates clean-tech, waste-to-energy facilities in the United States and abroad. The company primarily converts organic waste into electricity, but also has the ability to generate heat, natural gas, and organic byproducts through various technologies. Blue Sphere facilities eliminate waste that would normally be disposed in landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect water quality, helping to solve important global environmental issues. Blue Sphere is headquartered in Charlotte NC. For more information, see the company’s website at  www.bluespherecorporate.com.


Source: Matthew Henninger, Blue Sphere Corporation

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