Franklin County, NC Filmmaker Announces Coming Film, Sarees & Suitcases

Sarees & Suitcases movie poster. Source: Gauri Singh
Sarees & Suitcases movie poster. Source: Gauri Singh

A Fabric, A Celebration of joyful life, A symbol of dignity, a catalyst of unity and diversity, highlighting inclusion and subduing the many biases around the world as it showcases variety in colors and in textures. An upcoming film by Franklin County, North Carolina filmmakers explores the passion and tradition of these elegant drapes travelled from Indus Valley to United States.

Synopsis for Sarees & Suitcases: From Indus Valley to United States — A film by Gauri, Jyoti, Ketki & Ravi

A living and thriving untold heritage of saree in United States dates back to an unknown date, an attire passed from one generation to the other, spanning many eras. The colors, textures, and style of these Sarees wrapped in a suitcase or suitcases travel to millions of homes in the United States each year, showcasing its value and charm when worn in the east, west, north, south and on US islands. The growing global Community and the ever-existing culture of Saree is a story of many of these American homes. There is definitely more than one person wearing a Saree somewhere in America, hence, 365 days a saree in worn by an American.

The film explores the history form its origin in Indus Valley, and reveals, and celebrates the tradition of these drapes in the United States.

The filmmakers want the audience to experience the charm of this exuberant attire on the map of United States as it depicts its existence across the country, telling a story of its own. This is the first ever attempt of a map of Saree wearing in the US, exploring this topic and discussing the values and customary status as they relate to the American Immigrant experience.

This film also takes us through a newly introduced fashion where hats and boots are as an added new style to the Saree, giving an American Flair. This is a first attempt to introduce this style to the traditional wear. Being an American, we have always worn hats and boots, so we thought adding this to the Saree would bring out an American mark in addition to the traditional look.

Additionally, this film is a call to action to widely accept and openly embrace Saree as a casual and formal wear. The film will explore the American journey of saree state to state. The goal to release the film is October 3, 2022 as 40% of the film journey is already complete.

Sarees, hats, and boots images. Source: Gauri Singh
Sarees, hats, and boots images. Source: Gauri Singh

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