UFO Observer Reports Sighting with Photographs to Rockingham County, NC Authorities

The Grey Area News' UFO with North Carolina outline
The Grey Area News' UFO with North Carolina outline

As pandemic lockdowns were stretching on in November of 2020, strange lights and crafts appeared over Mayoden, North Carolina in Rockingham County. James Stilwell first spotted them over Mayoden and snapped a few photos. Before he knew it, the strange crafts reappeared. Over the coming year and a half, they returned again and again.

Mayodan is locate in the northwestern corner of Rockingham County in central North Carolina. The city is named for the Mayo River and Dan River as the two meet nearby, with the city’s elevation is just over 600′.

Every few weeks, James saw a craft, and he did his best to catch photographs as they flew overhead. These objects seen in the sky, both in residential areas and over local businesses in downtown had colorful, sometimes flashing lights. James said that when he sees the crafts, he has seen creatures nearby. While local authorities on all but one occasion refused to file police reports, James has ben approached by various local residents who shared their own photographs and stories of UFO sightings.

James Stilwell also photographed multiple craft objects with creatures inside and outside the craft, with local landmarks included in the photos. James reported the sightings to local authorities and had shown the photographs on several occasions. Authorities told James that they had no jurisdiction, and that it did not meet their criteria to make a report or investigation, because no crime had been committed. James was given an event report stating that authorities were aware of report and observed the photos.

Data on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is never complete. Hundreds of UFO sightings are reported each year, there’s no telling how many more sightings went unreported. Some people who observe don’t want to report; or, because they can’t identify what they have seen, they’re unsure what to report and do nothing.


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