“Franklin Flicks” Film Festival Goes Virtual Aug. 23-26

Virtual Franklin County International Film Festival 2020. Source: Gauri Singh/Franklin County Film Festival Committee
Virtual Franklin County International Film Festival 2020. Source: Gauri Singh/Franklin County Film Festival Committee


The Franklin County International Film Festival (FCIFF), also known as Franklin Flicks, goes virtual for its fifth year, presenting  11 independent films — online, August 23-26, 2020.

The festival was originally scheduled as an in-person event in May, and postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The film festival committee welcomes all to this virtual, public event.

This year’s lineup includes 11 short films that represent all genres, by directors in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, France, and elsewhere. These films address issues of emotional and mental wellness, celebrates differences, showcases inequality and racism, and of coming together.

The films are:

  • Alice In Borneo’s Wonderland directed by David McGuire
  • Armor directed by Andrew Huggins
  • Contours – A Story Of First Waves directed by Ian Smith & Rishi Sethi
  • Peach Cobbler directed by Andrew Huggins
  • Four Pies directed by Andrew Huggins
  • Good Girl’s Don’t directed by Ana De Lara
  • It’s my House directed by Rob Alan Underhill
  • Radio Moon directed by Pierre Gaffie
  • Solace By The Sea directed by Jyoti Singh & Sangeeta Bulbul Agrawal
  • Soul Bones directed by Andrew Huggins
  • The Worst Day of My Life directed by Jaret Martino

As a part of the festival, two films were screened in July 2020: “Constance – A Symphony of Kisses by French Filmmaker, Pierre Gaffie; and Sounds of Silence by NC Filmmaker, Donald Wilson.

The film festival will be streaming on Facebook via the Franklin County Int. Film Festival, Franklin County Arts CouncilLouisburg NC True Community group, and others within Franklin County.

Two additional film screenings are planned for Fall 2020, following a unique workshop, the Filmmaking & Filmmaking Workshop Spotlight:

This year Franklin County Film Festival will be making two films drawing on the film making, screenwriting, and other related talents in the Franklin County Community in collaboration with artists within US and Internationally. These two short films will be completed in September and October time frame. One will be an Animation film; the other, a documentary short.

An Acting/Filmmaking Workshop will be held virtually in October conducted by Jyoti Singh.


FCIFF is a  North Carolina Franklin County-based film festival that celebrates “the unity and cultural diversity of the People through films.”  The Franklin County International Film Festival is sponsored by the Franklin County Arts Council, The North Carolina Arts Council, and the North Carolina South & East Asian Film Festival (NCISAFF). NCISAFF is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote awareness in independent films, music, media, and art across the globe while encouraging those — particularly in the Franklin County North Carolina area — to develop a greater appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity in film. The Franklin County film festival committee members include: Gauri Singh, Pamela Andrejev, Johnny Wayne Mitchell, Carey Johnson, Ketki Handa, Ravi Relangi, Beverly Kegley & Everett Mayo, plus Ellen Queen, Partner, Franklin County Arts Council.


Ed. Note: Originally published August 17, 2020. Additional details added August 20.

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