Museum’s Latest Exhibit Shows How Native Knowledge Impacts Our Lives

Roots of Wisdom exhibit is open at the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount NC.
Roots of Wisdom exhibit is open at the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount NC.

By Tameka Kenan-Norman, City of Rocky Mount NC

Overcoming environmental and cultural challenges can create unexpected partnerships that result in extraordinary outcomes. In the Children’s Museum and Science Center’s latest exhibit, “Roots of Wisdom: Native Knowledge. Shared Science,” the knowledge of native peoples and cutting-edge Western science are explored, providing insight into how we can improve our relationship with the natural world.

“Roots of Wisdom” is open now and continues through September 3, 2017, and features stories from four indigenous communities, giving visitors real life examples of how traditional knowledge and Western science, together, provide complementary solutions to ecological and health challenges facing us today. Through engaging video and games, visitors will gather resources, examine data and take part in the growing movement towards sustainability and the reclamation of age-old practices.

“The exhibit really has something for everyone to enjoy,” said Leigh White, curator of education for the Children’s Museum and Science Center. “Kids can try their hand at basket weaving, while adults can marvel at the fact that everything from chewing gum to aspirin traces back to indigenous know-how.”

From everyday items like duck decoys to surfboards, popcorn to chocolate, guests will learn how native knowledge impacts our daily lives and recognize the great contributions that indigenous peoples have provided over centuries.

For more information, call the Children’s Museum and Science Center at 252.972.1266. The museum is located in the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences, 270 Gay Street, Rocky Mount NC. Find them online at

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