Yard Waste Collection Improves with New Vehicle

By Brian Bowman, Town of Knightdale

Starting in March, a new yard waste collection truck will circle Knightdale, North Carolina. The truck includes a special claw system for picking up branches and bags of grass clippings.

Half of the town will have its yard waste and grass clippings picked up on Monday, the other half of the town on Tuesday. This is designed for efficiency, recognizing that many residents pile up the waste during weekend yard work!

Until this time, an independent waste collection company had been picking up yard debris. Decals were sold, and residents had to purchase them. Now the collection process has been streamlined, and the work will be done by this special town-owned truck. Yard waste will be taken to the landfill.

There are some limitations residents need to know:

  • All debris should be placed behind the curb
  • Separate yard waste from trash
  • Place grass clippings in clear bags as they will be sorted out.
  • Branches should be six feet or shorter
  • Branches must be no wider than six inches
  • Stumps can be up to three feet wide

Very important that yard debris be separated from the regular trash, as yard waste does not go to the landfill. Town workers also strongly suggest that trash always be several feet away from utility poles or mailboxes. Any obstructions that slow down the crane’s work will slow down service for everyone.

Residents may use this service. Paid contractors hired locally must remove their own debris when they leave a location. Contractors are not allowed to leave yard waste at the curb.

This new collection truck and schedule should make yard waste cleanup easier for residents and keep yards looking neater. To find out more about this town service, visit the town website at www.knightdalenc.gov.



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