Triangle-Based Stealth Vigilance K-9 Gets Tapped for Super Bowl LIII Security

SVK9 in action. Source: Suzanne Golden, Golden Relations
SVK9 in action. Source: Suzanne Golden, Golden Relations

Veteran-owned Stealth Vigilance, LLC (SVK9), a private K-9 detection firm, is sending North Carolina K-9 teams to Atlanta, Georgia to help augment Super Bowl LIII security.

The SVK9 teams will be deployed in Atlanta for multiple days covering multiple NFL events leading up to the big game on Sunday. The use of working dogs at events such as the Super Bowl is becoming more common as they are a very reliable and minimally invasive resource for detecting explosives and firearms while acting as a visible deterrent.

Stealth Vigilance K-9’s are not your average police K-9’s. SVK9 dogs are Vapor Wake® canines, the only patented K-9 technology to detect body-worn explosives and firearms in transit. The NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit, Chicago PD, LAPD, AMTRAK, Disneyland, Disneyworld, NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are a few of the organizations that currently utilize Vapor Wake® canines. SVK9 has the only Vapor Wake® K-9’s in North Carolina.

Said Geoff Beckwith, Chief Operating Officer:

“We are honored to be asked to assist with such an iconic event. This is a massive security operation involving over 40 local, State and Federal agencies and private security firms.”

Stealth Vigilance, LLC (SVK9) is a veteran-owned private investigations firm based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina that has drug, bomb, and firearm detection dogs for hire in the private sector.

Discreet K-9 Drug Searches:  SVK9 is not affiliated with local law enforcement or any other government agencies. Therefore, the results of narcotics searches are confidential allowing the client to be in control and handle the situation with the utmost discretion and achieve peace of mind without any unnecessary complications.

Explosives and Firearms K-9 Searches:  SVK9 canine detection teams augment existing security and counter-terrorism measures and will reassure patrons and staff while deterring potential criminal activity.

For more information, visit SVK9 Website, or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.


Vapor Wake® detection is the method and system for detecting explosives and other illicit substances. Unlike traditional EDD teams, trained to view static or stationary objects or people as their “productive area”, Vapor Wake® dogs are trained to continuously sample the air for an explosive target, and then follow it to its source in real time, while the target is in motion. Additionally, Vapor Wake® dogs have been socially and environmentally raised to work in high-flow pedestrian areas.


Source: Suzanne Golden, Golden Relations

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