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How fast is your fastball? Do different floor surfaces affect your performance? How do you make a perfect bounce pass? These questions and many more are posed in the new traveling exhibition at Cape Fear Museum of History and Science kicked off June 10, 2021. TEAM Up! Explore Science & Sports is a hands-on exhibition that will give visitors an in-depth look at the many scientific principles necessary in athletics.

This exhibition will be on view at the Cape Fear Museum, 814 Market Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, through September 13, 2021. Children, families and groups alike are invited to check out the fun and fascination that is involved in becoming a winning athlete. Visitors will have opportunities to test their own skills in such sports as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, soccer and even extreme sports like snowboarding. At the same time guests will be amazed and educated at the level of science that is involved in sports.  Children will learn principles of geometry, physics, force and friction in a way that is both intriguing and relative to their favorite sports.

In “Get in the Game” visitors can play soccer or snowboard in a virtual reality system. “How Fast Was That Pitch” allows aspiring pitchers to measure the speed of their throw in the radar-equipped pitching booth. Give Venus and Serena Williams a run for their money in “Ricochet Racket” as you shoot tennis balls at a giant racket, adjusting the angle of the racket face in an effort to hit a target. “Set Shot” challenges visitors to analyze trajectories when shooting baskets. These exhibits and more offer fun and learning for the whole family.

“We are excited to debut this fun, family-friendly science-based sports exhibit just in time for the summer season,” stated Museum Director Sheryl Mays.

The Discovery Center Museum of Rockford, IL and the Family Museum of Arts and Science of Bettendorf, IA developed TEAM Up! Explore Science & Sports. The exhibition is sponsored locally by Cape Fear Museum Associates.


Source:: Barbi Baker, Cape Fear Museum

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