Carmike 10-Wilson Movie Review of the Issue: Men In Black 3

By Kay Whatley, with Frank Whatley

The movie review feature continues this issue with review of the new Men In Black film, MIB3. As with our other movie reviews, my husband and I took our teen and preteen to get a wide range of viewpoints on the movie.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know it adds time travel to the aliens-and-secret agents theme. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones return as Agents J and K; some familiar characters aren’t in this film. Josh Brolin did an amazing job as a young Agent K. We found MIB3 to be a nice mix of action and comedy.

Our 11-year-old daughter said she liked MIB3 more than both of the other Men In Black movies; she loved it! All of us enjoyed it.

As with Men In Black 2, there is a surprise at the end that wraps everything together. I’ll say no more, as it is too cool to give away. 🙂 Whether you liked the previous films in the series, you’ll likely get a kick out of MIB3.

To see MIB3, we went to Carmike 10 on Ward Blvd. in Wilson. We head out with the kids, and our refillable popcorn bucket, every few weeks. (Love the savings on popcorn!) The staff has been great — friendly and helpful. And the seats are really comfortable! Thank you to the folks at Carmike 10 for making us welcome for our movie reviews.

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