Editorial: Celebrating Love & Caring

By Kay Whatley

This day for expressing love is named after Saint Valentine. Dating back many centuries, Valentine’s Day was removed from the General Roman Calendar of Saints in 1969 due to conflicting historical information about who Valentine was; however, February 14 continues on as a day for special attention to those you love.

From the childhood giving of Valentine’s cards, Americans are brought up recognizing this day for its focus on love, care, and connection. Valentine’s cards have been a staple of the holiday for a long time, as demonstrated by the early 1900s card depicted on the back-page of this newspaper. Who doesn’t recall receiving Valentine’s cards in elementary school, or carefully choosing a card for a best friend or sweetheart?

On this red-and-pink filled day, all levels of relationships are celebrated. Boys and girls, men and women, give cards and gifts to friends and family. Some television commercials even suggest extravagant gifts like luxury cars.

Couples celebrate by giving flowers and candy, sharing a romantic dinner, or exchanging cards. The day takes on great significance for those in love. Whether young love or young-at-heart, couples often make big plans for a special day to focus on, or renew, their love.

Valentine’s Day goods fill store shelves almost as the New Year rings in, with choices of candies, home decor, plush animals, arts and crafts, limited-edition snacks, and heart jewelry.

Many in love head to the jewelry store. Jewelry stores offer a broad range of charms and adornments to fit the occasion. Depending on budget, hearts, red gemstones, and love-oriented shapes are available in all types of precious metals. Jewelry stores often run sales around Valentine’s Day, knowing the number of buyers is high for that date.

Alternatively, search for the unique, or antique, at resale jewelry stores, antique shops, or pawn shops. Want something with history? Hoping to give something unique? Look where the one-of-a-kind items may have ended up. Some of these stores may even be able to offer quality goods at a low price.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on sending flowers each Valentine’s Day! Flower colors signify the love the giver feels for the receiver. Most commonly, red is for romantic love, yellow for friendship, and pink for gratitude. The number and type of flower also have meanings, so doing a little research can help you avoid embarrassment and send the right message.

Putting thought into a gift does not take long. Give from the heart when shopping for a friend, child, parent, or your true love. Thinking of something you know will be meaningful to them can help to make the chosen gift even more special.

Time together can be the best gift of all. Your favorite local eatery can make for a fine dinner to share. Planning something you both enjoy — movies, sports, walks — may add to the day, especially if you don’t get a chance to do it too often!

So when Tuesday, February 14th arrives, let those you care about know that you are thinking of them. It can make a positive difference in their day, and make special memories.



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