New Feature Coming in 2015: Crossing the Line?

Crossing The Line. Source: The Grey Area news,
Crossing The Line. Source: The Grey Area news,

Here at The Grey Area news, we strive to provide positive, good news rather than bad news. Even when writing the Good News/Bad News segment, we find bad news with a silver lining on it.

Next issue, which comes out January 2, 2015, we are introducing a new feature called Crossing The Line? This feature is like the Shades Of Grey and The Strange-ness in that we will provide facts or unknowns relating to an issue, leaving it for you to consider and draw your own conclusions.

The Crossing The Line feature will deal with controversial issues. Articles will focus more on how this world of ours is, and how we might make it more like its creator may have intended — more of a nirvana and less an industrialized, institutionalized pattern.

Topics include issues ranging from medicine to food to social structure. The questions posed look at how you — or we — might make better choices. With eyes open, consider what is real and what is constructed. It poses larger pictures of how society might benefit from change, moving to a more human-oriented and less profit-oriented society.

Just because things have been a certain way for a long, long time, doesn’t mean that is the only way it could be. Choices made over hundreds of years brought us here, and it is fair to say that mistakes were made along the way that cannot be undone; fortunately, the forward path can always be corrected.

The creator gave us this Earth and everything on it. All living things may find food, shelter, companionship, and healing plants.

Looking at specific issues, we hope you will consider how all its residents may use this planet and focus on living a quality life, rather than life revolving around borders, money, taxes, bills, and making-do.

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