Editorial: Talking ‘bout Resolutions (Part 2)

New Year’s Resolutions are tough to make, and to keep, so this two-part article is designed to help you succeed by keeping your resolutions in mind.

Now several weeks into 2017, hopefully you have had a chance to work on your resolutions and the resulting changes, big and small. Whether you are working on getting healthy, managing your time, getting organized, focusing on family, or adjusting your budget, now is the time that the rubber meets the road!

You may find yourself getting tired of new eating habits. Or that signing up for a class or adjusting your work is going to require a lot of effort. As you think about perhaps letting the resolution go, think back to why you made it in the first place: because you thought it was important.

Remember that this is an opportunity to challenge yourself and make strides toward what you really want. You made the decision to set the resolution. You can do this! Look at the road ahead, and think again about how you will feel when you accomplish the resolution.

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