Bigfoot Column: To Woo or Not To Woo? It’s not even a question.

Source: Dr. John Stamey
Source: Dr. John Stamey

By Dr. John Stamey

After years of research into the Bigfoot world, I have come up with four different schools of thought regarding the species’ interactions with humans.


This group is categorized by individuals who go out into the woods to search for Bigfoot. Many of these have spent the greater part of a decade or two decades (or more). A very small percentage have had some spectacular results. The Patterson-Gimlin film footage is one example. A few, like my friend David (last name withheld), have been on organized expeditions with well-known organizations such as the shadowy BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) and have had brief, yet confrontational, encounters with the Big Guy. Unwanted and spurious encroachment by people deep into national forests has resulted in having sticks and logs hurled at the human visitors, late at night. One way to summarize this group is “I’ll believe it when I see it — or maybe get a rock thrown at me.”


During my years as a research associate at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, the term “Woo” came up (around 2005). It was used, in a derogatory way, to describe mental experiences with the paranormal. Personally, I hate this term. Please follow my thought process here, and you might gain some disdain for “Woo.”

This current Bigfoot Column is written in 2019. Suppose, 100 years ago, in 1919, I told you there would soon be a small box no more than 1/2-inch thick and no larger than 5 inches by 3 inches which would let you — at any moment you chose — talk to and see people in Japan. You could communicate half-way around the world whenever you wanted. If I made such a claim with conviction, you could have labeled me as an insane person and a good candidate for incarceration in the local mental institution. In fact, everyone knows I was describing the smart cell phone which came into existence around 2000. Why, don’t you remember the laughter about the “picturephone” in episodes of The Jetsons in the early 1960s?” It’s not funny at all today.

Today, a few progressive and fearless individuals are proud to say they have telepathic experiences with cryptids — in particular, Bigfoot. The term “Mindspeak” is used to describe these experiences. People who receive ideas, thoughts, and even complete sentences from Bigfoot and other non-traditional life forms certainly recognize the reality of this communication. These people can see the correlation between the messages and the interactions with cryptids on a daily basis. (Note: the next Bigfoot Column will feature an interview with some who are engaged on a daily basis with Mindspeak.)

To debunk all of the detractors, if you are reading this column, then you are “guilty” of having intelligible thoughts inside of your head. Such thoughts are, in reality, Mindspeak. These thoughts can’t be seen on a piece of paper; nor can they be seen. However, every single one of you are participating in the epitome of a “Woo” experience. Gotcha! Think about it — people actually deny something they participate in 100% of the time in their daily lives. How interesting is that?!

As a matter of practicality, there are many phenomena that are very real, but are not measurable with our current technology. Such has been the case with microbes and viruses, gravitational waves, and other everyday occurrences that were, without proper technology, unavailable to humans with the naked eye.


While not exactly a category or school of thought regarding Bigfoot, experiences such as the one described below are important to record and discuss. Some individuals, such as author Timothy Renner, have had marvelous interactive sessions with Bigfoot. Generally, they are physical occurrences, but also involve communication between Bigfoot and humans. These sessions include leaving items that might immediately disappear, or are quickly modified perhaps in a few hours by the Big Guy. Please catch the interview I did with him on dated May 13, 2019 where a number of these incidents are discussed. You are welcome to find Tim’s wonderful books on here.

A Space for Non-Believers

This group is a true joy to describe. Even with hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles, stories, and media presentations, Non-Believers simply refuse to admit the obvious. There certainly is a creature in the woods (in fact, everywhere) that defies the bounds of traditional science and description that is: usually over seven feet tall, walks on two legs, and has some reputation for being either aggressive or benevolent depending on the circumstances. In fact, Native American people have multiple names for this creature. I can tell you that those practical tribesmen would not waste even one term on a creature that does not exist. However, there are still people who perpetuate the Flat Earth theory, and in fact have an upcoming conference in New Zealand!

In Parting

If the planets align properly, we will see you next time — same BatTime and same BatChannel. So many thanks to The Grey Area News for allowing this forum.

Also, tomorrow night — Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 11pm — on the podcast we will be discussing Cherokee Legends Comicon, and then the Bigfoot Woos on Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Send me an email at to discuss any of our columns. Cheerz!


Dr. John Stamey is producer of the podcast. Dr. John Stamey received his doctorate from NC State University in Raleigh, NC. During his three years in that program, he was also a research associate for the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC. He’s author of the book is “Bigfoot Explorers” and organizes the annual SC Lizardman Festival, Tennessee Bigfoot Conference, and Charlotte CryptoCon.  Follow Dr. Stamey on Twitter at @realSCLizardman.

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