The Strange-ness: Dog Wool for Making Clothes

Dog Wool Yarn. Photo Source:
Dog Wool Yarn. Photo Source:

You love your dog. You provide care, long walks, maybe car rides, and your dog (hopefully) responds with cuddles and a protective instinct. You know your family can spend time with your dog and enjoy life together. But did you know that you can wear clothing made from your dog’s fur?

Thanks to a yarn spinner in France, fur you brush off of your dog (instructions here) can be used to create a warm sweater to cover you in doggie hugs all the time.

There is a catch: you need to know how to knit, or know someone who can.

A woman, Doumé Jalat-Dehen, in Plouguerneau, France can take your bag of doggie brushings and turn it into balls of yarn. Once the yarn is returned to you, that’s where the knitter  comes in. Use the “Dog Wool” yarn created from your beloved pet to create a snazzy sweater to wear when you’re out for a walk on a cool evening.

To see examples of clothing made to wear — and to match — the Dog Wool website includes photos here. According to the website, owners of dozens of dog breeds have utilized their Dog Wool yarn-making service. Breeds they have experience with are listed on their website, along with fur collection tips, and how to order.

Dog Wool prices/fees are based on the fur or yarn weight, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Visit the English-language site at The site is also available in French.

If you knit, this might make for a unique holiday present for the dog owners, or pet parents, you love. Certainly, it is a labor of love to groom the dog, send its fur off to be spun into yarn, have it returned, and then put many hours into knitting a wearable gift.


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